Monday, August 26, 2013

Play Every Day

Debbie Clement at   Rainbows Within Reach had a wonderful post yesterday about the role of  play in Kindergarten.
The Role of PLAY in Kindergarten Today: Passionate Teachers Speak Out at RainbowsWithinReach

Here are some of my favorite thoughts about play in the classroom:

(This is why I love my special lunch dates with my students- and why I have always loved my special time with my own children- even today when they are grown- a shopping trip, golf game, a walk... worth everything.)

As I begin my new year with my new class, I never want to forget how important play is for children. Today more than ever, I feel like we need to justify and protect the power of play.  I put together many reminders of this on my Play Every Day prezi below.  I added quotes from educators that remind me to protect this precious part of school.  This post I wrote has the individual pictures from the Prezi. I have embedded the Prezi so you can see it.

( Just click through the arrows at the bottom once you start the Prezi.)

 Play not only helps young minds (and OLD MINDS) learn better- play is learning.  Call it whatever you must- Hands-On Learning, Discovery Centers, Guided Learning- just don't forget to let them play and explore and (from my friend Sandy at Kinder-Gardening)
Have a wonderful day! And don't you forget...


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