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Today I am linking with Laura from Where the Magic Happens, Krista from Teaching Momster, and Lisa from PAWsitively Teaching! I have joined forces once again with my bloggy friends to bring you the best, most amazing giveaway on this Labor Day weekend!

All of us have been thinking about  good ways in which to treat our readers and followers.   We thought hard, and I mean it! Really, really hard… and decided that  we can treat you to our best ideas to work smarter rather than harder… at school and home!

I know what it takes to be a great teacher, the stress, the time, the energy… I could go on and on! I also know that we crave time to ourselves and our families.

So here I go!


For me, organization is the key.  My favorite tip for classroom organization- so I'm not searching high and low for papers/activities to go with books-  is to put a copy of the activity I use with a book right inside the front cover of the book!  That way, it's all together and ready to go. This has helped me more times. It seems simple, but it's great for not only my sanity, but if I need a quick lesson for a substitute or to share with another teacher.


I made lots of writing prompts to go with my books, and finally put them together in sets.

The first set, Author Studies,  has 160 different writing prompts for 100 books. These authors are also featured on my Author Prezi.  The great thing about these prompts is that they work equally well for K-2, because the students write to the prompts at their level.  If they can write only one sentence to go with a picture, that's fine.  If they can write more details, even better!

Here are the titles featured by each author:
Here are some prompts the children did.
For this activity, I had the kids paint watercolors with a cotton swab to make the feather marks. Then, they labeled their birds when it dried.

 When my dog bites me it makes me mad. 

 I LOVE the bouncing marks!

My other packet, Writing About Books,  has 170 prompts for 102 completely different books.  These are some all time favorites in all areas.  

Here are the books featured in this packet:


OK... I had to think about this one.
First of all, I have to START my day with God. Here are some favorite ways.

- My favorite devotional
-Joyce Meyer, Enjoying Everyday Life

-My prayer time on the way to school.  I LOVE this time to be thankful, pray for my family and friends, and my students.


To unwind after a long day, I sort of gravitate to the computer to check facebook, mail, or something
relaxing where I don't have to think much for a while.

Weekend afternoons...

Country music...
Taking walks with my family or friends - or  by myself.

I LOVE to do those things. I also love looking forward to my favorite TV shows during the day, that I'll watch at night.  We LOVE Flip or Flop, Fixer Upper, Tree House Masters, Swamp People, Biggest Loser, and watching comedians.

Sunday morning breakfasts with my parents and sister and brother in law - AND any time we get to meet the kids or my friends out for dinner at night are perfect to look forward to- and to keep me relaxed.

NOT cooking dinner.  That does NOT relax me.  I wish it did but I'm not gonna lie.  It doesn't.  I worry that everything won't be hot at the same time or won't turn out, etc.  I guess I'll just stick to watching cooking shows and call it good, and be ok with me.

This questions probably could have been answered in two words-  hot tub- if we had one.  But we don't, so it took a few paragraphs to relax.  But, see, it's right there in PRINT... It must be true.

Like I said before, for me, it's all about being organized.  I like to know where everything is and to be able to access what I need quickly, because with young children, two or three minutes spent looking for something is just about two or three minutes too long!  

I began creating my Prezis as a sort of "online file system."  I had favorites saved here and there, and then spent time scrolling through to find a game or video that I was looking for for a certain lesson. 
I decided to organize my links and make them super simple to access. My Prezis are mostly "zooming posters," so I can quickly access links. 

I use Prezis all the time on my Smartboard.  It's such a great way to use technology in the classroom, because the links are all right there together- AND it's also a great way to show some anchor charts and tips through videos right at your fingertips.  I don't have a lot of extra wall space - any extra wall space- so during Writer's Workshop or Reading Centers, and even Free Choice time, I leave up an anchor chart or reminder for the children.  It's just another way to reinforce any and everything.  I leave up two or three Prezis at a time each day so that I can click back and forth between them.  During Writer's Workshop, I click my Writing Prezi up so that I can focus in on a specific area to go with our mini lesson, or I leave up an anchor chart as the children write.   After writing, if we need a Shake Break, I click over to that Prezi so we can get the wiggles out.

Organizing this way has made every day so much more smooth, and has allowed me to use every minute I can, and to keep the kids' attention as we transition.

 Here are the Prezis that I have made and love to use.  They're all  at my TPT Store .  

You need to create a FREE account, if you haven't used Prezis before.  You also  need to be able to access Youtube videos at your school to use these.  (And click the "allow pop-ups" at the bottom so you can access the links for the educational games.)  Many times if something is blocked at your school (like Youtube) and you bake cookies or get donuts explain why you need it - for teaching- the IT person will unblock it for you. 

I have lots of free Prezis:

 Kindergarten Websites (This is a good link to send home for parents who are looking for some good sites for home!)

and lots of other Prezis that I use all the time!  

Letters and Sounds

Common Core Math Prezi Bundle (4 Prezis)  This one took FOR. EVER.  to make, because I searched for all the best links and videos to go with each standard. But, now that it's done, everything is right there for me!



Get Up and Move

I always add new songs that I find and really like to my Prezis!  I just found these two- and can't wait to use them!  I just added them to my Get Up and Move Prezi. (so they're not in the picture of the Prezi below- yet!)


Beginning Reading

Eric Carle

Fun in the Fall United States

The Five Senses

Authors Prezi

I kind of like Prezis.  :)

I also  wrote a book with Dr. Jean,  with LOTS of our favorite reading activities that work beautifully with any curriculum to teach and reinforce reading concepts!  The kids love these, and they work.

Thanks for stopping by! Good luck with the Giveaway!

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Thank you for reading!


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