Friday, August 16, 2013

Teacher Week '13- Teacher Tips and Tricks!

I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' for the last day of Teacher Week '13- Teacher Tips.  Thank you so much for hosting this linky this week. I have had so much fun and learned so much reading all the ideas that have been shared!
My tips are going to focus on relationships-  with students, parents, other teachers, your family, and yourself!  It seems like everything else falls in place pretty nicely when relationships are taken care of- and it seems like no matter how fabulous your plans may be, without the great relationships behind them, they don't work out like you had planned- in school or in "real life." I am going to use some of my favorite "signs" to help me.

1.  Relationships with Students:

Remember, when you are little,

Be patient and take time to know each child.  Those darn standards aren't going anywhere.  If a student needs to talk to you and you get off schedule, just know that that may be the moment he or she remembers 30 years from now.  Sometimes that is hard- because I know I like to get things "checked off," but some things you just can't "check off!"



I love to have each student sign up for lunch in the room with me- just because. Not as a reward or anything earned, just because it is one of my favorite memories with each of them. I really get to know them, and they can see me a little differently.  Usually, each child has a day- and he/she can choose a friend to eat in the room with me.  When I taught 2nd grade as a long term sub, I had a really difficult class (looking back- at the time, I just thought it was "normal"! ha!)  I started this lunch sign up- and had a ball. This was the time I taught one boy how to do Jacob's Ladder with string, played cat's cradle with kids, and just listened.  I still remember every single one of those student's names from that class 7 years ago- and I only had them for 4 months.  They might not remember every last thing about a non-fiction book, but they will never doubt that I loved them!

Another student tip with classroom jobs is an accident my husband came up with for me.  I needed one more job so everyone could have a job in the class.  He came up with "Praise Patrol",  and we kind of chuckled... Wouldn't you know- EVERYONE wanted to be Praise Patrol.  That person's job is to go around praising the other folks for doing a great job!  I could write an entire post on how we need more Praise Patrol in the entire school for ADULTS... but I won't.  It is precious to watch them praise each other- like a boss!   ;)

Next- one of the most fun times I have is playing catch with the last bus group- so patiently waiting, waiting, waiting for their buses. I have lots of different balls in the room- and we don't get to use them much, (with all that academic stuff going on...) so they love it when I take out a fun ball, and we just play a little at the end of the day.  Just play.  You would be surprised how many children don't ever play catch or know exactly how to catch or throw.  :(  I love doing that with them.

2.  Relationships with Parents

This pretty much says it all!  Along with all the school information that needs to be sent home and shared, don't forget to share the "moments" with parents- not only the bad ones- but the sweet ones when the child shared or helped someone or said something precious.  I LOVE sending home pictures I take of the children in the classroom to give parents a glimpse into their child's school day.

3.  Relationships with Other Teachers (and everybody at the school!)

I love that saying.  Just don't get sucked into being a people pleaser.  Do things because you want to and it makes you happy to do it- because sometimes there is this:

4.  Relationships with Your Family

Take time to ENJOY your family.  Really take the time to be there and enjoy them. School isn't going anywhere. 

5.  A Relationship with Yourself

Get yourself some special little treats along the way!  You spend a LOT of time with yourself. You need to "romance" yourself a little sometimes! 

And remember these:

 This  breaks it down pretty simply!
When I first started thinking of tips, the big one I wanted to share was to be sure every child has a change of clothes at school , since this makes life SO much better for all of the accidents, spills, mud puddles that come out of NOWHERE-(Hey, Mud Puddle!).  I have a complete change of clothes at school as well- right down to the shoes- (lessons learned from a vomiting incident with a child who just didn't "feel right" to the time a nervous little sweetie peed on my lap.) So I will leave you with this last tip...
Have a WONDERFUL weekend!


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