Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Smiles!

This is a fun activity I do in the Spring.  The children love to guess each other's smiles- and are always surprised how many they know!  I am always amazed that I can print the pictures, cut them, and know the smile instantly without checking the name on the back. 

I leave these up for our Open House in April and then for Grandparent's  Day, which we have in early May this year.

I have an answer sheet below the smiles.

Here is a Spring Smile from the other day...    I was trying to teach the children how to "read to themselves."  We said a poem with words and motions, and then did only the motions as we said the poem "in our head," with no voices.  Then, I said, "Watch me read this page to myself, in my head."   They all watched me read, and then one little boy said, "Mrs. Kisloski, we couldn't even hear what you read because your hair was in the way!" 

So... I guess that was my "informal assessment" of that lesson- and I did NOT get 100% mastery there- but I did get a big smile from it!  

Happy Spring! Thank you for visiting!

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