Monday, December 16, 2013

A Sweet Holiday Sight Word Center

I posted some candy cane ideas in this post.  I made these peppermint scented marble paint candy canes and the circle candy canes.  I also made peppermint play dough, which has been the favorite of all of my holiday play doughs this year.

I thought of another candy cane/sight word idea that I am going to make tomorrow.  I thought I would share it in case anyone wants a quick idea before the end of the week. 

I cut some red and white candy cane shapes.

I printed  out our sight words on both red and white paper.  I cut them into strips. You could have the kids cut them out, but my objective for this activity was for the kids to choose sight words, read them, and write them- not cutting- so I had them already cut apart.
I am going to have this as an independent center.  I will have one table set up with red candy canes and white words- and another set up with white candy canes and red words. The children can choose which one they want to make.

The children have to choose ten different word stripes to add to their candy cane.  After they make their candy cane, they read their words to a friend at their table. Then, they write their words on a recording sheet.  They will also read the words to me.
(I have each child put a scrap piece of paper under the candy cane cut-out so the glue doesn't go all over the table when they glue on the strips.)  

After they glue on the strips, I turn the candy cane over and help the children trim the edges. 

When they finish this center, they get a mini candy cane to take home and eat as they read their candy cane words to a grown up.

Here is a copy of the sight word sheet I used and the recording sheet.  Just click on the picture if you would like a copy.
Here is a fun video of Santa making candy canes!

This is a quick little holiday activity to prepare and fun for the kids to make.  Have fun!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Oh my STARS and Lots of Freebies!

I couldn't decide between "Oh my STARS" or "Learning with the Stars," for the title.

It's sort of bad when you can't even make a decision on the title of a post! I have so many ideas to share, I just want to get "star"ted.  (wow... sorry.)

We have been working on "ar" words- and it was time to review the letters "Ss" and "Tt" so... It's the perfect time for stars!

First, I'll start by telling you that my  kids love this Pirates Say AR song!


Now for the stars of the show...

The Stars Will Still Shine is a sweet book by Cynthia Rylant .  It's sweet for the New Year- or a new school year!

Stars by Mary Lyn Ray and Marla Frazee is a beautiful, sweet book.

After we read this story, I focused on the part of the book where Mary Lyn Ray talks about how sometimes we feel shiny, and sometimes we don't feel shiny.  This is a great turn and talk- and then a great classroom discussion topic. 
I gave the children each a glow-in-the-dark star to keep by their beds, to help them remember that each of them shine in a very special way! Don't you remember how magical anything that glowed in the dark was is ? 

This is a fun little star activity that I found on Dr. Jean's blog. She shared it from the Highlands Florida K Team.  The kids were amazed! It actually worked (which was really nice...).  I practiced before I did it with the kids.  I learned that you have to have the toothpicks bent just right, pretty clean (without little splinters and without breaking). I did it on the projector on the Smart board.  (Does everybody call it an Elmo?  I wasn't sure. I think that is just what it's called. Right? Not just a 'pet name' that our school calls it.  It sort of makes me laugh every time I say it, thinking of the 'real' Elmo.)

Bend 5 toothpicks as shown. Put the points toward the center. 
Drop water in the middle and watch it turn into a star!

Of course I love to use Eric Carle's Draw Me a Star.
After I read this, we learned to draw stars.  Eric Carle has a "how-to" page in the back of his book.

I do copy this page on the side of an 11x17 paper with the other side blank, and have it out during free choice time with markers so the children can try making these stars.  They are a little trickier, so we don't start with them.  We start with some basic star drawing.

While Wearing High Heels shared a wonderful way to teach children to draw stars!

Start with a capital A with the horizontal line extended out on both sides.

Connect one end of that line to a opposite bottom point. 

Connect the other end to the other bottom point.

I also made this sheet for my class to practice stars with dot to dots. You can see it is pretty s.i.m.p.l.e.  The kids had fun with it!
 If you would like a copy of this paper (with a couple other star papers), just click the picture below!

It was fun to watch the children practice using dot to dots and the capital A method.  I now have an entire class of proud star-drawers.  And... stars on EVERYTHING. 

After some practice, the kids made their own star pictures. I took a picture of each of them pointing up, printed them, cut them out, and that was it!

You could have the children write what they would wish for if they saw a shooting star, to go along with this picture, if you wanted a writing activity.  We just had fun drawing stars this day. 

I found some great freebies at TPT that would be fun to use with a Star Unit or Star Day, for centers or other activities. 

Klever Kiddos made a cute Star Studded Alphabet Center.
Star Studded Alphabet Literacy Center {FREEBIE}Star Studded Alphabet Literacy Center {FREEBIE}Star Studded Alphabet Literacy Center {FREEBIE}Star Studded Alphabet Literacy Center {FREEBIE}

Elementary Lesson Plans has a fun Shoot for the Stars Alphabet Game.

Shoot for the Stars Alphabet GameShoot for the Stars Alphabet GameShoot for the Stars Alphabet GameShoot for the Stars Alphabet Game

Angie Adez made a Twinkle, Twinkle Letter Star Game that is great for letter names, sounds, and fluency. 
Twinkle Twinkle Letter StarTwinkle Twinkle Letter StarTwinkle Twinkle Letter Star
Miss Kindergarten Love made some adorable Star Sight Words.
 Star Words- Sight Word PracticeStar Words- Sight Word PracticeStar Words- Sight Word Practice

Live, Laugh, I Love Kindergarten has these great Rhyming Stars. I have a couple children who still just don't "get" rhyming. This will be great for them!
Rhyming StarsRhyming StarsRhyming Stars

Kelli Wodrich made this Star Sentence Poster that I really like.
Star Sentences
 I love this Counting and Writing 11-20 Stars activity from Michelle Stoker.

 Counting and Writing 11-20 stars
This is a fun Happy Stars Roll and Cover Game by Elizabeth Hodge.

 Happy Stars Roll And Cover FREEBIE!Happy Stars Roll And Cover FREEBIE!Happy Stars Roll And Cover FREEBIE!

Kids are fascinated with stars- drawing them and learning about them.  When my kids were little, we would camp outside in our yard and look for the constellations.  THEN- before all of today's technology, the technology we used was... glow-in-the-dark paint and flash lights!  I printed out the constellations we were learning about. The kids went over the stars with Q-tip dots of glow-in-the-dark paint.  I put the constellation papers in a bin with a flashlight turned on and a blanket covering the bin (so it didn't interfere with the darkness outside).  We would take out a paper and look for that constellation.  The kids really learned a lot about how each constellation looked by making it with paint.

Today- there are LOTS of great options for star gazing. Here are some apps that look great for kids, and got great reviews.

I liked this game online, too.


Anna, from The Imagination Tree shared an idea for black playdough with silver glitter that would be so much fun when studying space! The kids would LOVE it!

I am guessing they would get out the aliens (from Toy Story)  from our play area to play with this. My sweet friend Amy who teaches across the hall from me brought me these from Disney World for my classroom. They are always a favorite!

No Time For Flashcards made an adorable glow-in-the-dark star activity. I love this! You paint the paper with glow-in-the-dark paint, and let it dry.  Put on star stickers.  Paint over  the picture with black paint.  Then, peel off the stickers when the paint is almost (but not completely) dry. You can check out her post about  it if you click on the picture below.

I hope you found some fun new star ideas!
light shine2.jpg

shooting star gif photo: Stars Star Stargazing Night Nightime Shooting Comet Meteor Smiley Smilie Emoticon Emoticons Animated Animation Animations Gif 7_2_205.gif

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