Sunday, December 1, 2013

Elf's Adventures

My friend Terri Izatt, from Kinder Kapers, just added this wonderful Elf's Adventures Emergent Reader to her TPT store and I wanted to share it!
I can't wait to use it with my kids. It is great practice for positional words, and they will love it.  So many of my kids have already been talking about their elves at home. They love learning with the elf.  Here are some pictures from her book. She also includes a black and white version to use.

I have some mini elf erasers ( from Target, no doubt) that I am going to have the kids use when we go through the book the first time.  Then, they can put on their elves that go with the book.

I have the kids make elves in our classroom with their pictures- similar to these from I love using the children's pictures in their crafts. 

My friend Susanna from Whimsy Workshop has been giving these AMAZING freebies for the 12 Days of Christmas.  Her precious little elf  framed paper was Day 7!

 My friend is terrified of the Elf on the Shelf- so, of course, one of her friends puts LOTS of pictures of the elf on her facebook.  This was on today and I hadn't seen it before.  It did make me smile.  These are so many adorable things to do with that silly elf.  (Not that, but...  other things!)

I was  looking for some clever elf food and came across the sweetest site called The Unconfidential Cook  featuring Emma's Tiny Treats-  full of elf food ideas. Look at these clever things!

The big boy is from Krispy Kreme. The mini is Emma's version.
The box of donuts is really a pill box....Emma's holding her favorite, a cheerio dipped in chocolate, then sprinkles. The others are cheerio dipped in confectioners' sugar and cheerios rolled in cinnamon sugar.
Mini Oreos with frosting in between!
The mini cakes are really oreos with a layer of frosting between them, then more frosting on tops and decorations.
Chocolate chip Hershey Kisses!
You can see by comparing Emma's hand to these peanut butter thumbprint cookies just how teeny they are.
There are more at the site.  The ideas came from The American Girl book Tiny Treats.

Have a wonderful week back!

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