Friday, December 13, 2013

Five for Friday! Lucky December 13th

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for  Five for Friday! Thank you, Kacey, for hosting! 
I had fun posting this week, joining two linky parties.  The first was all about COOKIES at Time 4 Kindergarten's Virtual Cookie Exchange.
I shared some of my favorite Christmas recipes.  (These are some of my sister's family's gorgeous creations!)

I also shared my new favorite Character Education book.  SO sweet. (I meant the book- but so are the cookies!)

The second linky was a Christmas Questionnaire with Michelle at Fabulous in First.
 I had fun thinking about my Christmas memories as I was answering the questions- and so much fun reading about other blogging friends' memories and traditions. 
We made our hands and foot reindeer this week.  This is always a favorite because it is such a great independent activity.  
You can check my Reindeer Post to find lots of other reindeer ideas and freebies!

We also made our hand wreaths for the children to take home to their parents this week.  They did a great job.  I help "steer" their hands to the right spot.
As I was finishing up the last couple wreaths and writing, and while some of the children were washing up before recess, I put on a Curious George winter story.  When I looked over on the rug, I realized that I had a line of beauticians in my class.  Too funny.
Here is my post with some Holiday Homework ideas. Just click on the picture below if you would like to a copy!

I have been sending home one or two a week this month, just for fun.  You could even make a packet to send home over break if you wanted.  I sent this one home last night and the kids loved it! I stapled the worksheet to the plate and napkin. 

We had our Teddybear "Tt" Party today! (Guess what letter we worked on?) Everyone brought in their favorite Teddybear.   (One little girl said her Teddybear was in the shape of a cat.)

We did lots of addition and subtraction problems, graphing, and patterning with Teddy Grahams. AND we had tea. It was peach iced tea- so how bad can that be? Ninety nine percent of the kids liked it.  One was adamant that he was probably NOT allowed to drink it.  Then he was allergic to it. Then he had to go to the bathroom.  Poor thing.  I had apple juice, too, so it was all good.
The bears "chit chatted" on the rug while we worked with our Teddy Grahams and drank our tea- so nobody's bear was spilled on, heaven forbid!

 We sorted our bears.  We played a game where one person had to describe a bear with lots of details, and someone else had to find the bear.

We lined up our bears biggest to smallest.  We used our bears to act out positional words like above our head, below our knees, beside us, and between us and our neighbor.  We drew pictures and wrote about our bears.

We went on both Bear Hunts (of course) on Youtube. 

Congratulations to Natasha and Breanne on winning the Holiday Specs!  I hope you have received them and have a ball looking at lights this weekend!
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Here is a little ornament I found that I thought would be so perfect for so many of us that I wanted to share.  Seems good to me!
Have a WONDERFUL weekend!









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