Friday, November 29, 2013

Five for Friday November 29th

Happy Black Friday!  I am linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.

 I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It is so special to have some time to reflect on what is important and the blessings of the year.  Today is all about Christmas music (on Pandora as we 'speak'), a little fun shopping- aka people watching on Black Friday cause we don't really need anything, visiting, puzzles, burning my Christmas scented candles, and some funny TV shows (I mean OLD ones, like Will and Grace... love that show), maybe a movie, oh- and fun food.  P.E.R.F.E.C.T.

Here are my favorite five of the week- not all schooly because it's THANKSGIVING!

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful.  It was a little different this year. My parents went to Florida, so we snuck in a quick dinner with them Wednesday night before they left.  I think our new tradition on Thanksgiving Eve may be Chinese food and bowling.  Sounds good to me! I hadn't been bowling in such a long time. It is so much fun. Plus, you can always blame getting the 'wrong ball' for your score.

(I know this is a complete and total 'tablescape' fail, Sandra Lee- but we had so much food the centerpiece would just get in the way.  Priorities...)
My wonderful 'kids'!
OK this may be my favorite.  Matt was 'photobombing' his girlfriend, Emily, and Ellie.  Then when I looked at the picture on the computer, I realized that he was shown up by the real 'photobomber' on the right- on all fours on the stool.  What in the world is THAT?!
After our big night out, we played games.  Matt got us this game last year as a joke- but turns out it is actually a really fun trivia game.

Maybe it was so much fun cause I won one of the games. Not bragging- just bragging being honest... I am usually so horrible at trivia.  Apparently, my mind doesn't remember the 'important' trivia only the really trivial trivia.

Here are some other games we love.  We play in big groups, so lots of times we don't use the game boards and follow the exact directions. 

My friend Susanna, from Whimsy Workshop has been sharing her fabulous clipart with her  "12 Days of Christmas Freebies."  It is truly like Christmas each day. I can't wait to see the next one.  Go over and check it out if you haven't!  You will fall in love with the personality she gives to all of her characters.

Here are two bulletin boards that I put up at school.  My brother-in-law Ray made me these GORGEOUS snowflakes.  Each one is so beautiful that I can't even pick my favorite. 

The idea from this first bulletin board came from The Butterfly Jungle. I loved it.  Not only did the idea come from her- but so did the bear. I tried my unartistic best to draw my own, but they kept coming out like giant white rats, which are NOT as precious blowing snowflakes, by the way. Finally, I just enlarged her wonderful bear.  She described drawing the bear as "easy-peasy."  :( Nope.
Anyway, here they are!

I posted all about reindeer.  ALL about reindeer. I included links to crafts, food, ELA Freebies and Math Freebies.  I kind of like reindeer.  You can click on the picture below to go have a look!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

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