Friday, November 8, 2013

Five for Friday November 8th

I am linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday. Sooo happy it is Friday!

This was the week of the key chains!  I love giving the kids their sight word key chains.  I hook them onto their backpack, so that if they have some time on the bus or waiting for the bus, they can practice reading. I also tell them that they won't lose them if they keep them on their backpacks. The last few days during bus time the kids have been reading through their words, not even knowing they are "learning." Of course, there are always the ones who are SURE their key will unlock the classroom door, can't wait another moment, unhook their ring, and accidentally make it rain sight words all over the classroom. That usually becomes a "lesson."


We are beginning to learn about Pilgrims and Native Americans.  We always have fun learning about the different Native American tribes that lived in the different regions of the United States. I made this activity that I use each year.  Feel free to use it, use part of it, or  change it if you would like. Usually, I focus on three regions- the Northeast Woodland, the Plains, and the Southwest.
Mine is quite simple, but it is a good way for the children to remember the different regions of Native American cultures.  Here are some pictures of the different pages. Just click on this image if you would like a copy of the packet.
I print out the map and information page, then copy that  onto one two-sided page.  This way, parents are able to read about the information the children have learned, in case the children forget to tell some wonderful detail!  I have the children cut and glue the correct type of Native American home onto the correct region, like in this picture:
The last few pages are larger size pictures of the Native American homes. I print these in color and have them laminated. You could have the children put these up on a big map of the US on the Smart board.
I wrote a post at PreK and K Sharing about everything I do for our Native American Pow Wow celebration.  There are lots of ideas and LOTS of freebies!
Happy Veterans Day!  We learned all about the National Anthem this week.  I posted about it here.
After we sing  through the book, we take one page at a time and delve into some fabulous vocabulary.  Here is a paper I made (just for me) with a quick history of the song (that I condense for my kids) and the vocabulary and phrases we discuss.  If you would like a copy, just click on the picture.

The children learn it so quickly. We review it every time we sing the song, so they really know what the song means.  I think that is important for them- and they love knowing it.

Last night we went to a basketball game fund raiser with the Harlem All Stars Vs our Firefighters at our school. (NOT the real Globetrotters because we are a small town, and NOT to be confused with the Harlem Superstars, yet another team... Apparently Harlem is where it's at if you are a comedy basketball team!) We had fun.   Anyway, a sweet little girl from my class was there with her family across the bleachers.  When we stood for the  National Anthem, she turned around to me and BEAMED- like we had a special little connection because we knew the song.  That was one of those "moments" for me.  I loved it.
I found this AWESOME Star Spangled Banner Freebie at the Crafty Classroom blog!  It is wonderful. I laminated the pages and made a couple classroom books. The illustrations are wonderful and really help with the vocabulary.
We are going to start working on our Christmas cards for our heroes soon.  Here is an address if you would like to make some, too!

Here is random number five.  Our cat, Peanut, is twelve. It must be the year of losing teeth. Poor thing.  He had an issue a few months ago when we were out all day (of course). We came back to what looked like some sort of mini horror movie in our kitchen.  Apparently, the blood from his tooth was all mixed in his saliva. It bugged him, so he shook his face- and shook, and shook.  I felt like if Dateline had dropped in, I would have been in trouble. Ew. "My cat lost a tooth."  Sure...  Anyway, we thought he was dying, but it was a loose tooth.  (Great cat parents...)  Well, yesterday, I noticed, WHEN I got all the way to school, that my car hood was pretty much covered in blood.  No wonder everyone seemed scared of me yesterday.  We will be going to the vet soon.  How did I not notice until I got all the way to school?  Ew. He is just fine, and we babied him with lots of great, soft food. He is really spoiled anyway, so he is loving this (minus the missing tooth part).
 This is still my favorite picture of him. He was busy being cute on his sunny rock, posing for the camera- and he rolled over in joy.  oops. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I wanted to say thanks for the pdf (found your link on pinterest). I homeschool and we're about to start our American History study (I'll have a 10 year old on down). With all the info out there, I'm hoping to give an overview to lay a foundation for our next cycle through. I know how much work putting up stuff on a blog is so I wanted to acknowledge your work.


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