Monday, November 4, 2013

CCSS- Kindergarten Math Edition

The title sounds more serious that this really is,  but actually, I did have some thoughts for the CCSS people that could help out Kindergarten teachers quite a bit.  Maybe a letter to parents asking for some help at home.  No- not even help like, "Please remember that Doritos and Diet Coke do not constitute a 'healthy lunch' for your five year old. "  Not even that.  But some vocabulary help for math, to start.

A while ago, when I made my Tangram shape sort, I suggested that we change some words to help  children remember to say 'rhombus' instead of 'diamond.'

I thought maybe phrases like, "A rhombus is a girl's best friend," might need to happen.  Amanda, from Teacher at the Wheel, and I had lots of fun and couldn't stop coming up with ideas.  Her husband helped out with 'Neil Rhombus,' and the quote that "Pressure makes rhombi."  (He was serious about this- even going with the plural! He is a rhombus in the rough, that one! )

Here are a few other ideas for shape names that  I had for families  'people bonds' at home to try... just my suggestions...

My daughter works at an ice cream shop in the summers.  From now on I am going to instruct her to say, "How many spheres of ice cream would you like on  your cone?"  The kids are GREAT with cone and cube- thanks to ice- so why not expand it out to the scoop?

Spaghetti and meatspheres would be another obvious choice.

How about a snowsphere fight? 
Or tossing around the basesphere (at the basesphere rhombus.)
How about getting a tissue from the tissue-rectangular prism or maybe the tissue cuboid ...

or putting away the cereal cuboid?
No?  Probably not.  I can't even really bring myself to say "cuboid."

Maybe "Could you pick me up six cylinders of soda?"
Or maybe, "I could sure go for a  cylinder of chicken noodle soup!" could work.
Anyway, thank you, ice cube and ice cream cone for your help.  I guess we're on our own with the rest of the 3D shape gang. 

My Kindergarten Common Core Math Prezi Bundle is on sale at my TPT store this week.

 It includes 4 separate Prezis: Counting and Cardinality/Base 10; Measurement and Data; Geometry; Operations and Algebraic Thinking. I  found the best interactive activities, links, anchor charts, and videos to teach and/or reinforce each of the 22 Common Core Standards for Kindergarten Math. Each Standard is separated so that you can zoom in on the one you are working on, and all of your links are right there for you, ready to use for whole group instruction, small groups, RTI, math centers, or even for the extra few minutes you may have throughout the day. I have been using  them a lot for small groups or whole group review.  Here is my sample Prezi which includes 2 of the standards: K.NBT.1 and K.OA.2, so that you can get an idea of the set up of the Prezis to see if you could use them.

I bet I will go all week long and never use the word "cuboid" the entire week in normal conversation.  Anyone want to take that bet?  Have a wonderful week!

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