Friday, November 1, 2013

Five for Friday- November 1st!

I am linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday!  Yesterday at bus time I said, "Oh, I forgot it wasn't Friday today," and one of my little girls said, "That is EXACTLY what my mom said. She said it should be Friday today!" As you can guess, her mom is a teacher, too.
Thank you, Kacey, for hosting!
I updated my Fun in the Fall Prezi with some of Thanksgiving videos that I love. I also have some Election Day video on there, too.  If you don't have the prezi, you can get it free at my TPT store! It's fun to use for those in between minutes that you want to have something right there to use.
Here is my favorite turkey video. You have probably all seen it, but in case you haven't, I just love the way he struts. We might as well get right into the next holiday...

I added little thought bubbles over Quite Mouse's head - mainly to help the kids remember the "sh" blend.  He makes me smile so I thought I would share him.  He is all over the room- just to remind the kids to use inside voices. (I have a great little group- just a loud one!) Here are a couple spots  he makes an appearance. 


This mess of a view is by my door but I thought I would show/explain it. I put up different  hands with different sight words each week.  The "sh" spray is over the phone.  The alligator and bear groups are the way I send my class to lockers to pack up.  I just put every other child alphabetically into a group so when they open the lockers in the hall (which are in alphabetical order), they don't have someone right beside them.  It works so much better.  
My iPad Class Rules Sign was free from For His Glory TPT store!
Tech Pack: iPad/ Tablet Rules
I have a problem with my love of correct punctuation usage. Every time I go through my McDonalds for my happy, large unsweetened iced tea, I see this sign and want to jump out with a sharpie and add a period. Actually, I would probably add an exclamation point because I completely overuse them. I literally go back over my posts and remove exclamation points because I don't want to annoy people by sounding too over-exuberant. (I feel like this was a confessional post of my issues with punctuation marks.)
The ironic thing is that today I did NOT have my $1.08 ready because I was too busy taking a picture. oops. 

We talked about small moments this week as we began our Narrative Writing unit.  I wrote this post about some of my favorite things to do to introduce and teach about small moments, as well as some of my favorite books to use.
My favorite activity was having the children dig a chocolate chip out of a cookie like they 'dig' a favorite small moment out of their life (or day) to write about.
Yum.  These were so good.  I made them using pre-made cookie dough. Tops brand, no less- and they were great!  I added one mini-Hershey kiss to each cookie for an extra special "small moment" to dig out.

Then we made this anchor chart to share the moments we chose for a story.  I just taped on the "chocolate chips" so we can reuse the poster (which is lopsided... I tried to make myself feel better by saying that cookies are all different shapes... but still- how hard is it to make a circle?)
One of my sweet girls brought me this "treat" for Halloween.  It's a perfect way to end this busy week! Did anyone else think having Halloween on a Thursday was not a good idea since Friday was still out there as a "normal" school day?  WOW! 

Happy November 1st! :)










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