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CCSS Freebies!

I'm linking up with Laura from Where the Magic Happens for the last of our Diggin' Into Next Year series for this summer. This week I have some freebies to start the year.

We are going to finish up with a WONDERFUL give-away next week, so get ready for it! More information will be coming!







This week I wanted to share some freebies to go along with the Kindergarten CCSS with you, in case you haven't gotten them yet.

Many districts now require teachers to display a CCSS goal at each center.  I was lucky enough to work with Dr. Jean to put together some simple, kid-friendly  "I Can" cards for each standard for teachers to  use in the classroom.   They are FREE here at my TPT store.

This was our Dr. Jean concert in April at the Kids' Book Fest in our town.

You can copy the center cards (2 cards per page) on card stock, and cut them in half.  Hole punch at the top, and secure each strand with a book ring.  Flip through the book, and display the goal you are working on at the learning center.  You can also put magnets on the back to display the cards if that works better for you.  Feel free to adapt these cards so they work best for you and your students. 

Here are some ways that I used a few of the cards.

I put magnets on back of the Speaking and Listening cards, and put them up on my easel for rug time, because that is the time I focus on many of these standards. 

Dr. Jean made an activity to go with each and every CCSS, and has them FREE at her site!  You can find the Writing and Math Activities HERE .  She just posted these at her site!

and the Reading activities HERE

You can make her fabulous center activities and use the cards at each center.  Dr. Jean is such a wealth of amazing ideas. I am so excited that she shared all of this work putting these Common Core activities together in one place.  Her website and blog are just full of fantastic ideas. She shares gifts of great ideas every single day at her blog

Here is our "I can" poster that we use to start the year,  to sort of get used to the idea of "I can" statements. I have each child hold the sight word cards, "I" and "can" and take a picture on one of the first days of school.  The poster is one of our first interactive writing activities that we do for the year.
I hope YOU CAN use some of these ideas  to make your life in the classroom a little easier!
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  1. I went right away to download all the I Can cards. Thank you so much, Carolyn.

  2. Love the I Can poster you made with your class. Fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing.

    Luv My Kinders


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