Sunday, March 29, 2015

HUGE Giveaway to Celebrate Spring!

I am so excited to link up with some wonderful women for this Celebrating Spring Giveaway!  

We are having a fun give away with three wonderful prizes- a $100 Amazon gift certificate and a $75 and $50 TPT gift certificate!  So join in for a chance to win and celebrate with us!

When Marissa from The Inspired Owl's Corner asked if I wanted to join the party, I jumped right in, because today is my 2nd "Bloggerversary!"  So - time to celebrate!  I am so thankful that I started my blog, because it's been such a fun outlet for me and such a growing experience. I love sharing ideas with other teachers. I love hearing how other teachers have used my ideas. And I love learning from the other amazing teachers whose blogs I read every day.   Most of all, I have been blessed to meet so many fabulous friends from all over the country and the world through this blog.  

I'm so thankful that I decided to make my world bigger. 

Here is a little bit about my town.  I live in Owego, NY.  We always say, "Upstate," so people know it's not NYC, although, honestly, it is at the very bottom of the state, on the PA border.  So there you go.


 OR we say it's near Ithaca, where Cornell is.  Ever heard of it?
I grew up in Owego and have lived in or near Owego all my life.  I'm a lifer.  We were once voted "Coolest Small Town in America," which is a title we will hang onto forever, no matter that it was probably meant to be for only one year, and probably meant we had the most dedicated and determined contest voters in America.  We don't give up easily. 

Here's proof.  Look at the lower right corner to see who lives here...  It's printed on his shirt.  

Spring in our town means the ice cream shops open.  I don't think our calendars even  say, "First Day of Spring" on them.  I'm pretty sure they say, "Big Dipper Opens."   When the Big Dipper opens, that's all I hear in my class all day. It's a happy day. The Big Dipper is right at the bottom of the hill by my school, by the way.   
Owego Soft Serve is another happy place.  My daughter has worked here for the last six summers, through high school and college. She loves making people happy- so this is a perfect place to work. 
Want to know how much of a "lifer" I am in Owego?  My mom also worked here when she was in high school!  I love that.  

Spring in our town also means The Strawberry Festival.  It's a fun weekend with lots to do. We have many sweet little shops in town to visit.   I love the parade, because so many of my students are in it.  I love seeing their proud little smiles as they go by and wave.  

Another perk to my town, is that you can eat in the old jail in an actual cell...  Yes you can.  I remember going by this jail when I was little, in the back seat of the car, waving to the inmates as we were stopped at the red light.  Good times.  :) 

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Thank you for stopping by and celebrating with me.  Don't forget to join in below to win!
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  1. Your town makes me want to move! Now I'm jealous, LOL! Thank you so much for sharing and joining us! :)

  2. Spring in your town looks like lots of fun!! {And I love that you used an Office reference! I love that show!!} Thanks for sharing all your freebies too!


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