Tuesday, September 22, 2015

QR Codes and Writing Prompts!

My students LOVE listening to stories.  This little group is one that says, "Read it again," the minute I'm done with a book.  I love that.

We just started using our iPads, and the kids are amazing with those, already, too.  I introduced QR codes - and they are hooked.  Already!

I also love using writing prompts with my students. Writing prompts provide such great insight into students' thinking as they make connections to the books that we read.  They provide perfect opportunities for authentic, purposeful writing, and they are a great way to meet the CCSS for ELA.

I decided to combine these two wonderful things and make a packet of Writing Prompts with QR Codes.

 I made 160 writing prompts for 102 different stories.  I put a QR code for each story read aloud right on the writing prompt, so that the children can take it home, scan the code,  and listen to the story again and again!  I also put the QR Codes together at the end of the packet, so they can be made into Listening Centers.   I also have a packet of only QR Codes for the 102 Stories. 
I scanned each video through ViewPure to take out any ads or distractions.  Viewing the videos at home won't be a problem because nothing would be blocked, but if you are using these at school in a QR Listening Packet, check the sample to be sure you can scan and see ViewPure video.  If that site it blocked, often the IT person will unblock a site for you if you ask and explain what it is for. 

I just wrote a note home to parents explaining that they could download any free QR code reader and access the stories on the papers!

This packet has so many stories to choose from, that I am making different books of Listen Center Stories to use throughout the year.

To start the year, I printed off the stories that had to do with colors and made a Color Book of QR codes.  I actually couldn't believe how many stories I had about colors!

 (I made a realllllly fancy cover for mine... but it serves the purpose. They want to get to what's inside!)

Some weeks, I am going to hang up  QR codes around the room for the children to "Read the Room" with their iPad for center time.

I made a variety of types of writing prompts.  Some require more writing than others.  Some are drawings with just  a little writing.  It's fun to see the children grow with these throughout the year- and into first grade!  In first grade, they write more and add more to the answers.

I wanted to show you some samples of some of the completed prompts. I thought they were actually great, considering it's only the second week of kindergarten!

Go Away, Big, Green Monster was so much fun!  The first time I read the book, I had the children draw as I read.  I gave them each the colors of crayons they needed to go along with the story.  As I read the book, I didn't let them see the pictures.  It's a great listening activity.  When they were done, they came to the rug,  and I read the story with the pictures.  (They said, "Read it again." So I read it again!) After that, we shared the monsters we drew before we had seen the pictures.  The drawings were really pretty close to the book!  The kids are so proud when I notice something special on their picture.  "Look at that great purple hair!"  "I love that long, bluish, greenish nose!"  "WOW- those are really BIG yellow eyes!" They were great listeners.

I originally had the song to go along with this book as the QR code.  BUT- I changed it because my class just loved this video! They loved it because it actually scared them a little at first- and then they felt very brave that they made it through and realized it was fun. So then, they wanted to hear it again. And again.  That' s why it is so wonderful to have the story right on their prompt that they can share it at home.

Here are a few other samples to show you.  Like I said, I was really proud of the kids this early on in the year for getting any letters on their papers!

"It is raining."  (and "cat")

"I am a bee."  (She couldn't spell "I" but she could draw one...:) 

These are some samples from last year, later in the year.  These were the prompts without the QR codes (in my Writing Prompts for 115 Stories Packet), but look at the difference in the writing a little later in the year!  I printed this out on black and white ink to save ink.  You can do that with any of the prompts.  

I always keep a copy of my writing prompts right inside the book it goes with. That way I'm never searching and I always have the activity right there.  These are perfect for sub plans, extra or unexpected time you have, or if another teacher needs a quick activity.

I made a bunch of these for my daughter when she substitute taught last year.  I gave her a copy of some of my favorite books with the prompts right inside (and even 20 copies made ahead of time!) just in case she ever found herself in a room without enough planned for the day.

I hope you and your students enjoy these QR codes and prompts!
Thank you for stopping by!


  1. If they are using these as Kindergarteners during center time, how do they know what the prompts say? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jaime, I usually used these as a whole group lesson after we did a story. But if I used t hem at center time, I just explained the paper before the center and they never had a problem remembering what to do. :)


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