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All About SNOWMEN!

Today is all about snowmen.  ALL about snowmen! I've found some great books, videos, food ideas, crafts, and TPT Freebies to share with you.  You can also check out my post all about Snow and Snowflakes with completely different, great ideas about snow.  Who knew there were so many things to do with snow that didn't actually involve real snow?

I was going to spread out the posts and do books one day, then food, then crafts, etc - but I like to have a one stop spot to go where lots of great ideas are in one place- so I thought you might like that, too.  I was working on some winter ideas for my classroom- and just kept on going!

I found this cute snowman sweatshirt for sale at Amazon- for about $30. What?!  I am thinking it would be very easy (and fun)(and cheaper) to make! I love the idea.  You could even make white t-shirts for the kids. Pretend I am wearing this shirt the whole time I am showing you what I found.
Here are  some of my favorite Snowman books. 

I have so many winter/snow/snowman books. I think it is because we are inside so much in the winter- and I got many of these books when my children were little.  We did lots of reading inside, with lots of jammie days.  So- now I have a wonderful winter book collection!
 Any in this series of Snowmen books are good!

 This book is great to talk about working together to get something done.
 This book is fun to use to compare the snow people to the real children. 
 This book is sweet, and great for a discussion about sticking up for each other.

The illustrations  in this book are different and fun to talk about. 

The Weekly Sprinkle has a fun Hot and Cold Sorting Activity to go along with Sneezy the Snowman.
Sneezy the Snowman Hot and Cold Sort

 This book is fun for the 100th Day of School.  The kids like the pictures- lots of details.

Sweet, sweet, sweet.


 I LOVE this book! The illustrations are just gorgeous.
These songs are sweet.
The first one is from Heidi Songs.  If you haven't subscribed to her Youtube channel- go do it!  She has the best teaching songs!  I use her wonderful videos all the time. Thank you, Heidi!


Here are some fun online games to play on the Smart board or  the computer.

This one is Build a Snowman from

The children can design a snowman with this game from A Kids Heart.

I always love Starfall. They have a cute Snowman Game, too.

I found some adorable snowman crafts to make. Are you ready?

Teri from A Cupcake for the Teacher  has a cute Snowman Ornament to share. This would be fun for anytime in winter- and those ornaments should be on sale now, too!
Occasionally Crafty has  a melted version!

I also loved these Glowing Snowmen at Stuff By Ash!  Now is the time to get cheap Christmas lights, too!

Snowman 1a

Don't you love these Spiral Snowmen from Fun Family Crafts?

Spiral Snowman Ornament
These are Clay Pot Snowmen (I just saw a package of them at the Dollar Store!), but you could also use Styrofoam cups.
claypot snowman
I love MaryAnn Jenkins Tea Light Snowmen at I Rock Paper and Scissors (I loved her blog name, too)!
The marstonfam.blogspot shared this cute Cereal Box Snowman! (It's a private blog but so glad she shared the picture because it is precious!)  Gift boxes are 75% off now lots of places, too- so you can stock up. It would be fun to have all different sizes to choose from. I was thinking how to paint the boxes white... then... duh... realized that I can actually BUY white boxes! 
cereal box snowmen
Look how cute these Snowman Wrapped Gifts are from Make It- Love It.  You could even wrap a pack of cards , a candy bar, or a pretty smelling bar of soap,  and decorate it cute like this.

Isn't this Windblown Snowman from Artsonia cute? I love the expression you can get just from circles!

I thought these Snowman Magnets from Make and Takes were precious!
Snowman Magnets
Mama Smiles has these cute Popsicle Stick Snowmen ornaments.  Again, these would make cute magnets or even reading pointers!

kid-made ornaments: paint mixer snow man
Frugal and Fun Mom shared these cute Cotton Ball Snowmen. I love crafts that are quick and easy- and so cute. These would be great little magnets for the refrigerator- or even puppets!
I love these QTip Paint Snowmen from Nadine on Pinterest. These would be perfect for my Seurat Artist Study with pointillism! ("Seurat, Seurat, he painted with a dot," is how I always remember him with my Kindergarten brain!)
Q-Tip paintings -- how cute is that?! Pointilism
That reminded me of a snow globe- and I loved this Snow Globe Snowman from Deceptively Educational.  I have seen several, but this looks so easy to do and cute!

You can read this sweet story to go along with the snow globe art!

Kids Activity Blog shared this cute Picture Snowman magnetic picture frame.
I also love these  precious Snowchildren from The Pike Family.

Craft Elf has some cute Water Bottle Snowmen!  You could fill it with anything- shredded paper, marshmallows, cotton balls, rice... 
Water bottle snowman. Great to make with the kids!
Oh My! Creative shared these Sudsy Snowmen.  My kids would LOVE these! 
I was thinking you could put white finger paint in a baggie like we do to practice writing letters and sight words, and dress the bag up with Sharpies  to look like a snowman, to make practicing writing on the bag more special for winter!
Happy Hooligans showed some cute CD Snowmen ornaments.
CD Snowman Ornaments
Metamore Community Preschool shared a fun Snowman Counting Game made from a milk or water container.  I loved this idea!  You could even use cotton balls to count- or put in cotton balls and sight words and have the kids pull out a sight word to read.  There are so many possibilities. I just loved the idea of the simple jug!
How about some Potato Print Snowmen from Growing a Jeweled Rose?  These are so cute.
Snowman potato printing- a fun Winter craft for kids
Or these Cup Printed Snowmen from Playing House in Maryland!

I love these Emotional Snowmen from No Time for Flash Cards.  I have never thought of using the food markers to decorate them.  These would be so much fun.

These Marshmallow Snowmen are from Flexible Dreams.

 Krafty Kid has a Puffy Paint Snowman using shaving cream and glue for the paint.
Puffy Paint Snowman Craft
I love this Paper Loop Snowman from the Learning Bug! I am definitely going to make this with the kids.
salt dough art project holiday craft

Make and Takes shared this cute Shredded Paper Snowman Craft.

Craft Elf has a cute Melted Snowman craft. It reminds me of the glue ghosts and would be cute hanging in a window!
melted snowman ornament from hot glue

Kiwi Crate  shared this cute Melted Snowman Craft. Easy. Fun. Just what I love!

We had fun making these Letter Snowmen last year with our names. This picture is from

Laura G has a Snowman Name Activity at her TPT Store that goes along with this craft idea!

Snowman Names

These Doily Snowmen are from Happy Holidays.

These snowmen are precious from bamcraftymommas.
Snowman paint chips ornaments
Mamas Like Me shared these cute Sock Snowmen.  I used to make them for my kids for gifts- and sort of forgot them!  I have seen other sites with them but I like hers, because they are simple and do-able.  Some of them have separate hats. I like these where the hat is the top of the sock. Perfect! That was what I did, too.  It's easy to add a scrap of fabric for a scarf- but the extra hat seems like work, so... this hat is great!

Here is another version from The Best Kids Crafts:

sock snowman buttons

Handprint and Footprint Art shared this cute Snowman Craft
Handprint Snowman with poem. This website has adorable handprint/footprint art ideas.
That reminded me of this ornament from Full of Great Ideas, which again, doesn't just have to be for Christmas. You could have such an adorable little Winter Snowman Tree with all the cute ornament ideas out there!

Modern Parents Messy Kids shared how to make snowmen inside!
Jennifer Brown has some cute Snowman Play Doh Mats  at her TPT Store. 
Snowman Play Doh MatsSnowman Play Doh Mats
This Hungry Snowman Game game looks cute from Cul-de-sac Cool. 
How cute are these Snowman Kits from Tip Junkie? What a fun gift or favor!
how to make a Snowman kit
Don't you love The Queen of Re's Upside Down Snowman
How about some snowman food ideas?

Stephanie, from The Stamps of Life, shared this Snowman Soup idea.
The Resource Room Teacher shared some cute Snowman Soup Labels at her TPT Store.  I am going to use these to go with my kids' Valentines this year.
Snowman Soup Goodie Bag Labels
This was a sweet gift idea, too. There was nothing at the link, but you get the idea from the picture!
Snowman made from a baby food jar. The top jar is filled with marshmallows. The middle jar is filled with hot chocolate mix. The bottom jar is filled with mints! :)
Come Together Kids made these free Melted Snowman Printables for water bottles. SO cute!
winter party ideas
Delia Creates shared this cute Snowman Pizza idea. How fun!

I LOVE these Snowman Donuts from Creative Holiday Gift Ideas!

I make these SIMPLE snowman cups decorated with Sharpies to go with these precious donuts.  You can use a smaller (shorter) cup, but experience has taught me... using the bigger one= less spills. You don't have to fill it so full.  Also, normally I use a plain plastic cup without the design. I just didn't have one to show you.

Or how about these cuties from Paint Me Plaid?

I had two moms make these precious cheese stick snowmen for snack for my class. 
Fun and easy class snack: Snowmen cheese sticks
This little snack was adorable, too! (The link was NOT to the correct site so I didn't include it... that's all I am going to say...  :)  But I didn't want to take it out on the precious snack. He is so cute! )
Kids lunch
Or if you prefer Nutterbutter Snowmen- these are from My Pretty Purse.

These Snowmen from Hungry Happenings are adorable, too.

These Melted Snowmen Cookies are from Stacey's Sweet Shop.  I have made them before- except the cheating way with pre-made cookie dough... simple!

 I love this Snowman Cheeseball from Karly Dornacher.
Snowman Cheeseball 3 450

 Kids Activities has these cute Snowman Pancakes.  I made these for my kids, and they  always loved them.  Add lots of cool whip snow or white chocolate chip snow, and you are all set! You can also add sausage links for arms if your kids aren't bacon lovers. (I know- who isn't a bacon lover?!)

snowman pancakes

And of course, I found LOTS of TPT Freebies.  There are some precious things out there!

First, here are some  Snowman Math Freebies.

This Snowman Roll and Record Activity from Judy Buckley would be a fun math center.
Snowman Roll and Record
The Kindergarten Pod shared Snowman Math Games.
Snowman Math Games FREEBIE!Snowman Math Games FREEBIE!Snowman Math Games FREEBIE!Snowman Math Games FREEBIE!

JD's Rockin Readers has a fun Number Sequencing Activity.
 Snowman Sequencing Numbers 1-120Snowman Sequencing Numbers 1-120Snowman Sequencing Numbers 1-120
Miss Kindergarten Love made a cute Build a Snowman Number Center Activity.
Build a Snowman- Number Recognition PracticeBuild a Snowman- Number Recognition PracticeBuild a Snowman- Number Recognition Practice

This How Many Snowmen?  by Sarah Griffin paper would be fun for morning work or a math center!

Kindergarten Math How Many Snowmen Count and Write numbersKindergarten Math How Many Snowmen Count and Write numbers
Beavertales has a fun way to practice Snowman Addition!
Snowman Addition

Here is a Snowman Number Match activity from Kindergarten Fever.
Snowman Number Matching
My kids always can use number practice like this Snowman Number Practice Packet from Kaleigh's Klassroom.
Snowman Number PracticeSnowman Number PracticeSnowman Number Practice
 Snowman Button Counting from Erin (Creating and Teaching) would be a fun math center!

Snowman Button CountingSnowman Button Counting  Snowman Button CountingSnowman Button Counting
Shauna M made a great Teen Number Snowman Math Puzzle.  She also has One to Ten and Counting by Tens!
 Teen Numbers Snowman Family Math Puzzle
First Grade Garden shared this Snowman Number and Counting Activity packet that would make a great  math center.
Snowman Counting & Number Activities {0-100}Snowman Counting & Number Activities {0-100}Snowman Counting & Number Activities {0-100}Snowman Counting & Number Activities {0-100}

This cute Snowman Numbers Tally Marks Match is from Kid Sparkz.
Snowman Numbers Tally Marks Match 0-20 FREESnowman Numbers Tally Marks Match 0-20 FREESnowman Numbers Tally Marks Match 0-20 FREE
From the Pond shared this adorable Snowman Makes Ten activity!
Snowman Makes Ten - Math Center Game for Early Number
I like this Snowman Number Picture Match from Loving Primary.
Snowman - Number to Picture Match 1-20Snowman - Number to Picture Match 1-20Snowman - Number to Picture Match 1-20
Amy Small shared these cute Base 10 Snowmen.
Snowmen Base TenSnowmen Base TenSnowmen Base Ten
Rhonda Baldachinno made this cute Counting to Ten with Snowmen Activity.
Counting to 10 With Snowmen {Freebie}Counting to 10 With Snowmen {Freebie}Counting to 10 With Snowmen {Freebie}
Abby Buettner made a fun Snowmen Roll and Cover Game.
Snowmen Roll and Cover Game
I love Vera Corbett's  Roll a Snowman. 
Roll a Snowman: A Winter FreebieRoll a Snowman: A Winter FreebieRoll a Snowman: A Winter Freebie
Amber Monroe shared this sweet Snowman Comparison Activity.
Snowman Comparisons {A Free Math Center}Snowman Comparisons {A Free Math Center}Snowman Comparisons {A Free Math Center}
Teacher Tam has a fabulous Snowman Stuff Math and Literacy Freebie at her TPT Store.
Snowman Stuff Math and Literacy Freebie!Snowman Stuff Math and Literacy Freebie!Snowman Stuff Math and Literacy Freebie!
Here are some Snowman ELA Freebies!

Shawna Devoe made a cute Roll and Read Snowmen Activity to share.
Roll, & Read SnowmenRoll, & Read Snowmen 
Clip Art by Carrie has a fun Roll, Color, Read, and Label Activity.
Roll, Color, Read, and Label the SnowmanRoll, Color, Read, and Label the SnowmanRoll, Color, Read, and Label the Snowman

Melissa Freshwater made a cute Snowman Slap Sight Word Game.
Snowman Slap Sight Word ActivitySnowman Slap Sight Word Activity

This Snowman Says Writing With Quotation Marks is an adorable idea from Fun in K1.
 Snowman Says Writing with Quotation MarksSnowman Says Writing with Quotation Marks
Lorie Duggins shared this Snowman Literacy Pack with five games included.
Snowman Literacy CentersSnowman Literacy CentersSnowman Literacy Centers

I really like this Build a Snowman CVC Words activity from Kinderpillars! It works on small, medium, large- and CVC words.  The words would be cute to have up for write/read around the room.
Build A Snowman: CVC Fun (FREE)Build A Snowman: CVC Fun (FREE)
Nerissa Reddick made a really cute How to Build A Snowman Book that you can read to your class. 
How to Build A Snowman: First, Next, Then, FinallyHow to Build A Snowman: First, Next, Then, Finally
After this introduction to First, Next, Then, and Last, you can have your class work with these writing prompts!

Nicki Wendel has a cute Snowman Writing Activity.

Snowman Writing Activity! FREEBIE! {Winter Themed!}
Amy Melisi has this cute version.
How to Make a SnowmanHow to Make a Snowman
Stephanie Manley has some cute Snowman Centers for ABC order and CVC words.
Snowman Centers
Stephanie Ann has a great Snowman Beginning Sounds Center.
Snowman Beginning Sounds Center FreebieSnowman Beginning Sounds Center FreebieSnowman Beginning Sounds Center Freebie

This is a helpful Snowmen at Night Graphic Organizer by Fun in K1.
Snowmen at Night Graphic Organizer and Writing
Tara Burrage made a fun Snowmen CVC Word Building Activity.
Snowmen CVC Word BuildersSnowmen CVC Word BuildersSnowmen CVC Word Builders

First Grade Blue Skies shared this great Snowman Writing Freebie Packet.
Snowman Writing Freebie Pack!Snowman Writing Freebie Pack!Snowman Writing Freebie Pack!Snowman Writing Freebie Pack!
Lauren Lynes shared this Lifecycle of a Snowman Activity which is great for a states of matter lesson as well as a sequencing writing activity.
Life Cycle of a Snowman! {States of Matter FREEBIE}
Can Do Kinders has a great My Snowman Emergent Reader.
My Snowman Emergent ReaderMy Snowman Emergent Reader
Elizabeth Hall has a cute Emergent Reader, too- Snowman, Snowman What Do You See?
K-1 Snowman, Snowman what do you see?K-1 Snowman, Snowman what do you see?K-1 Snowman, Snowman what do you see?K-1 Snowman, Snowman what do you see?
I like this Snowman Glyph by Miss Kindergarten Love!
Snowman Glyph Bulletin Board Idea

I love these Snowman Sequencing Cards by Randi. These would be so much fun for the children to order and then write about afterward.
Snowman Sequencing FREEBIESnowman Sequencing FREEBIESnowman Sequencing FREEBIESnowman Sequencing FREEBIE
I hope you found lots of fun things to try! I know I could be busy with snowmen for a LONG time.
Thank you for stopping by.  Stay cozy!

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