Thursday, March 3, 2016


I am beginning to assess for my 30 week report cards, and instead of having to set aside hours of assessment time, I am able to call my students over any extra moments I have during the day, and assess them right on my iPad. ESGI is easy, paper and mess FREE, and fun for the kids.  I have the data handy to use at home or at school because it's right online - all organized, and never lost or misplaced!  

I have been able to use the data from my assessments with ESGI for RTI and for meetings about students who need extra help.  All the data is right there, organized and easy to really use- not a pile of papers strewn all over that I am trying to compare and explain.  It looks very professional, AND is practical and genuinely helpful to teachers.  Plus, did I mention EASY to use? 

I always like to get input from someone you may have heard of, so I decided who better than some candidates to share their views?  Republican or Democrat... they all agree that ESGI is the way to go. Look at ESGI bringing the country together!  Can you believe it?!  I KNOW!!!

ESGI provides so many great assessments- or you can easily make your own to fit exactly what you need.  

One of my other favorite parts of ESGI is the time-saving extras it provides for teachers.  This time of year, I print out sight word flashcards to send home with my students each week if they still need help reading and writing them.  I keep one set at school to use for RTI when I have a few minutes or if I have another adult available to work with a student.  The kids can even work with each other with the flashcards! Here is a sample of flashcards for one of my students.

ESGI provides parent letters that you can print, with exactly what areas need to be worked on at home! Talk about a time saver! Here is a sample parent letter for the Letter ID assessment.

You can also edit the letter to parents.
As the year goes on, there are more and more benefits of ESGI.  If you want to learn more about ESGI and to get a free 60 day trial of the software, click here and try it out for yourself! Our district bought the subscription for our grade level.  It's so easy to show your administrator the benefits of ESGI.  We are encouraged to use more and more technology, so this fits perfectly into that, too.

I posted ALL about the benefits, bells and whistles,  and some examples of what ESGI offers HERE.  If you like using it and want to purchase the program, you can use my special PROMO CODE B1119 and receive $40 off your purchase for the first year. The price is usually $199 a year, but with the promo code, it will be $159 for the first year. Check with your administration because they may be able to purchase it for you. They can use the code and get it for $159 for the first year, too.  It's a great time of the year to try it out!

So, just remember- everyone loves ESGI.  There is no debate about it! 

 Have fun trying it out. You'll love it, too.   Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love the photos! Great information. Will check this out.
    Stephanie from Principal Principles

    1. Thank you so much for writing, Stephanie! I think you'd really like this!

  2. Hi! Thanks for the great info. I have a question for you about the ESGI. Do you have this program on one computer or iPad and then use it for testing? Is this on your school's network or is there a password for you to use when entering the scores? I am not sure if my district would allow me to use it. I want to find out more info before I go ahead and purchase it. Many thanks for always giving great info.

    1. Hi Maryann! Thank you so much for writing. One great thing about ESGI is that it is online- so you can access your information with a password anywhere you are that you can get online- from a computer at school, any iPad, or at home! So your information is always right there when you need it. ESGI has a great support page ( that answers lots of questions and shows you exactly how to use it and gives great examples. You can try it free on your own and see what you think. I usually assess my kids on an iPad, but then go to my desktop computer to print out letters or flashcards. I hope this helps! Good luck and have fun with it! Carolyn

  3. You are wonderful! Thanks for your help!


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