Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Summer Fun Journal!

Dr. Jean and I had so much fun putting together this Summer Fun Journal Writing Prompts Packet to help keep our students writing over the summer.  It's FREE at my TpT store if you would like to make some books for your students to use this summer.

Each prompt has 3 versions:  one with all the same font (black and white); one with different fonts (black and white); one with fun fonts and colored clipart.

There are 4 different covers you can use for the book- OR you could print out some prompts, put them in a pocket folder for each student, and encourage the children to add "summer treasures" to the folder.  They can include things like ticket stubs, pamphlets from trips, or pictures.

These packets are a great way to show students how useful, fun, and creative writing can be.


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