Friday, July 15, 2016

Five for Friday July 15

Happy Friday! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.  Thank you for hosting, Kacey! 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these Alphabet Anchor Chart letters from Lavinia Pop.  Oh they are wonderful.  She's done a beautiful job with each letter and sound.  The set has a black and white version, colored version, and colored version with a chalkboard background.  She has the soft C and soft G sounds, too.   She also has a Lowercase Letters Set and a Numbers Set.

I am going to use the "K" to write  'K is for Kindergarten' across the top of the lockers.  If you click on the picture, you can see the letters better.  I'll put up the finished lockers once I get closer to school and closer to finishing.  I just wanted to show you these letters as soon as I could!
I also love these beginning sound coloring pages from The Measured Mom!  They're free.  They would be great morning work pages for the beginning of school, and they go right along with my locker letters.  It would be fun to make a little book of each child's name with each letter page- capital for the first page, then all the rest of the letters of the name.  

Dr. Jean and I finished our Going Green Packet! I love this one. I use the ideas in it a lot throughout the year.  It's great for Earth Day- but I use lots of the ideas in the fall, too.  It's always a good time to remind children to be kind to the earth.  Here are some samples of what it's what it's like!    

The Prezi...

I also revamped my Eric Carle Unit.  I had a separate Prezi, writing prompts, and QR codes (with videos scanned on both ViewPure and Safe Share)- so I put them together and redid some things- I love it!  My class LOVES Eric Carle books.  They are so great for so many things. I love using them for illustration lessons and science. Every book ties into a science lesson so well.  Here's a sample of this packet...

The Prezi has videos  to go with 21 of Eric Carle's books.  I use this to reinforce and add to each book we read.   
Finally, I just want to share a few words of wisdom for any new teachers out there- or any teachers! Last week I was looking through some of the few pictures I have from when I taught 30 years ago.  (I taught kindergarten for 4 years, then stayed home to raise my own children- then went back to teaching kindergarten again 9 years ago.) 

I posted some of the pictures on Facebook, and have had the best time reconnecting with families. People have commented, shared them with friends of friends who know the children in the pictures, and become friends with me on Facebook because of these pictures. 

It made me realize more than ever, that although you think you are teaching 4,5, and 6 year-olds (or any age for that matter!), you are also teaching future 30, 40, 50...year-olds, with memories of your year with them.  You are making memories for your students every moment of every day- whether you realize it or not. 
It's not usually the expensive, well-planned parties the kids remember - it's a particular moment or experience in the classroom- good or bad; positive or negative.   
We have the chance provide moment after moment of happy, positive memories for our students that they can look back on or even share with you years later, if you are lucky.  Make the moments count.  Make happy memories.  These children grow up to be awesome adults before you know it- and you have the honor of being part of their lives.

My sweet "boys" in this picture are now 33 and 34... And they will always be the sweet, happy hearts  I remember when they were five!

Have a wonderful weekend! Thank you for stopping by!


  1. I love the last part of your post! I exchange letters with my kindergarten teacher a few times a year, and she sends me a card on my birthday every year without fail. It's wonderful that you were able to connect with your former students!

  2. Carolyn, you are so right about the connections we make. I am now having children of my former kindergarteners. They always say "I can't believe you're still teaching." I love having the chance to share pictures showing "this was your mom/dad." when they were in kindergarten.
    It means so much when former kindergarten students come back to say hi. They are still wanting the confirmation that THEY made a difference to me and that I remember them. I am surprised that I still remember many names, but more I remember their eyes and smile. I give them a hug and I smile!


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