Monday, February 6, 2017

Sharing the LOVE- Show and Tell Aprons!

Welcome to our Show and Tell Apron Blog Hop!  We decided to get together to celebrate our sweet, talented friend Sandy Welch and share her wonderful  Show and Tell Aprons.  Theses aprons are not only pretty and adorable, but one of the best teaching tools a primary teacher can have. 

I love mine. It makes me happy every time I wear it- and the kids love it, too.  The aprons are fabulous- but the creator... well, she is even more special.  You will never meet a more genuine, kind, caring person. I was blessed to meet Sandy through our blogs when I first began years ago- and I am thankful that she is one of my very best friends today.  

Show and Tell Apron (blue apron with solid yellow pocket)

The aprons are fabulous for teaching all sorts of things- spelling sight words, recognizing sight words, rhyming words,sequencing stories,  number facts, patterning... I love my apron.  I can't even explain all of the uses for this apron.  It seems like I'm always thinking of another way to use it.

She also has cards all set  to use with the aprons, so you will be ready to go!
   Show and Tell Apron Cards - Full Master Pack

Now, I have a child size apron, too!  We use this one A LOT!  The kids are crazy about their new apron.  

We are talking about fairy tales in our class right now.  The children can retell fairy tales in order using these  wonderful cards to go with the apron.  
Show and Tell Apron Cards - Fairy Tale Pack
The clip art is from Whimsy Workshop- who is another one of my favorite people in the world!  

These cards are perfect now since we are working on familiar stories and fairy tales. After we read and retold Three Billy Goats Gruff, this little sweetie wanted to retell it during free choice time.  I think she's pretty happy wearing that apron!

Sandy made this video with some of her great ideas for using the apron.  The apron is a magical part of our day.  We spend money on so many center activities and manipulatives and programs- and this is something worth every single penny,  because you can use it every day in so many ways- and it helps your children learn.  I'm a visual learner, and I know if my teacher had worn one of these aprons when I was in school, I'd have been able to see and understand things so much more easily (Yes - even if my high school and college teachers wore one. I need to see things to get them!)

These aprons wash beautifully, too.  I don't have to wash mine much, but I have a few times, and it looks good as new. After you wash the  apron, just lay it flat to dry.  Sandy takes such care with each apron, and each is beautifully and carefully made.  She packages them with such love and care, I can't wait until you see how pretty they come to you!

Sandy is the perfect kindergarten teacher and friend. She's come up with such a genius idea, that her friends just had to share it with all of you so you can join in on the fun and have a ball teaching with your apron!

Here is how I'm using the apron this week. This time of year we are  working on learning our math facts to 5, so I just layer in the math facts in the pockets and we practice any chance we get!

The possibilities are ENDLESS!  Thank you, Sandy, for such a wonderful product and such a genius idea for teaching!   You can check out Sandy's store at TpT HERE or her website HERE! Check out Sandy's other friends and fans and visit the other posts on this blog hop!
Thank you for stopping by.  


  1. I can't believe this!!!!! Thank you, Carolyn! You were one of the first people to try an apron, years ago! Remember how frightened I was to share, so sure no one would like the apron? This blog hop has me just blubbering and shaking my head. Sending so many hugs. Beyond grateful! <3 <3 <3 (Those are the heart thingys you taught me how to make...why aren't they working? Ha! :))

    1. Oh Sandy- WE LOVE YOU!!! We sure hope you know it! <3 <3 <3 Hearts RIGHT BACK AT YOU! I love you!

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  3. This is a wonderful post Carolyn and you have given me some new ideas for using my apron(s). We need to start making a list of 2,000 ways you can use a Show and Tell apron! I loved reading this post and seeing Sandy through your eyes. Thanks for sharing... on to the others!

  4. Wonderful post! And, yes, Sandy is the sweetest, kindest, most generous kindergarten teacher you will EVER meet! I love her so much. Thank you for all of your wonderful tips for using these fantastic aprons!

  5. Love this Carolyn! Fran has told me I must meet you so hoping you will be at I Teach K! this summer. You know Dr. Jean will be the keynote! I've already checked in with her and she told me!!! can't wait! I love the new ideas for my aprons!


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