Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Colors of Me

My friend Susanna from Whimsy Workshop shared a wonderful freebie called All About Me Rainbows that I couldn't wait to use!  It was a perfect activity to tie together our Color Weeks and everything else that we had worked on the past couple weeks. The children loved it! They got very creative with their color choices. Thank you, Susanna!    

Here are some of the activities that we tied together.  Along with reviewing colors, I "formally" introduce Writer's Workshop this week. We talked about caring for our writing tools after we read Harold and The Purple Crayon.

Harold only has his ONE crayon, and he really needs to take special care of that crayon and treat it carefully so that he can continue to have his adventures.  We decided that we are VERY lucky to have all of the colors we have- as well as colored pencils and markers to use.  

We watched Purple, Green, and Yellow on Tumblebooks on the Smartboard.  I like watching Robert Munsch books on the Tumblebooks, because he narrates his own books, and nobody can do it better.
This story is a great discussion starter for the correct way to use ( NOT USE...) and care for markers. 

The children read lots of books and explored our classroom library and reference areas, so that when they are writing and need help spelling a word or drawing a picture, they know where to go.  We have lots of places to find the color words.

We read lots of "Me" books this week, and talked about how important each one of us is to our class family. We talked about how we are the same and how we are different- and that our differences make us so special.  Here are some favorite "Me" books:

(I use this book to introduce "like.")

 (Guess what sight words I introduced with this book?:)

We did lots of math sorting activities last week.  After we had a discussion about how much more fun it is that we are different, rather than all the same, and how our differences make us who we are, I asked the children which noodles would be more fun to sort? Luckily- they got the idea!

As a "colorful" follow-up this week, I am going to read A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon.
In the story, when the Camilla stops trying to please everyone else and isn't afraid to be who she really is, her bad case of stripes goes away.
I found this idea from I Heart Crafty Things. She printed out black and white pictures of the children and let them add stripes! (I think with chalk.)
I am going to have each child write, "I like me!"  underneath his/her striped picture, because we are practicing those words.  Perfect!

Have a WONDERFUL, colorful week! 

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