Monday, September 2, 2013

Currently September!

I am linking up with Farley for September Currently! I remember in August feeling like this one was going to be f.a.r away.  Nope. 

Before I start my currently, I just wanted to share one little quickie!  Yesterday as we went through McDonald's for my $1 large iced tea- I asked for a Braille menu that I could use for my Five Senses unit.  They gave me a breakfast and a lunch/dinner menu.  Actually, I had Jeff do my Mcdirty work and ask for them.  McDonald's has been SO gracious giving me things to use for my classroom. 
(The lunch/dinner one is double.)

I teach the five senses in spring, but I know some teachers like to introduce them in the fall- so I thought I would pass it on!  I use "Mr. Broom" to introduce all the senses- and we talk about Braille during our Sight and Touch lessons.  Here is my Five Senses Prezi and booklet that I use to go along with my unit.  This is one of my "touch" pages.
They gave me 20 mini French fry containers from the Happy Meals so I could make this sight word lesson. I thought I would tell everyone that I was McLovin' them!  :) 

OK- time for Currently...

Listening:   Emily is catching up on the Long Island Medium shows that she missed- I am thinking there must be a marathon because it has been going on for a while...and we are doing LOADS of laundry before she heads back! 

Loving: I am so thankful for today!  It was nice to have this Monday to finish up some things.  Yesterday we all got together at the Olive Garden with my sister's family and my parents to celebrate my dad's 80th birthday early.  It was wonderful to all be together! Then we went back to my parents' house for German chocolate cake, carrot cake, and ice cream with homemade caramel sauce.  YUM...   I am still full.

Thinking:  I have a to-do list to get busy on-but instead, here I am...  Currently... not doing my list.  Oh well!

Wanting-  I had so much fun doing things with Emily when she was home. We stayed busy. We will be traveling to LOTS of swim meets this fall. Ellie will be staying here some when her husband travels- so that will be lots of fun!  :)  Matt is commuting this year to a University not too far from our house- so I am VERY LUCKY to have my family so close.  I don't "want" for anything!

Needing:  I kind of LOVE having a clean house before we go on a vacation or before school starts.  Again- Currently- I am not cleaning.  oops.   Oh yeah, we have no food in the house either. That is on the schedule for tonight!  Groceries! 

For myself:  I need to start my day with my devotions- because it makes such a difference keeping me better focused!  I also need to make time at night to get on that treadmill.  I am always so glad when I do.  And finally, I am going to have my "looking forward" moments- little things that make the days happy and something fun on the weekend! 

Have a wonderful September!  :)

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