Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Five Senses: Sense of Sight

Mr. Broom got his eyes today!

At first the children questioned his name- and thought it should be "Mrs. Broom," because of the lovely eyelashes.  That was a great conversation starter to explain that both boys and girls have eyelashes, eyebrows, and eyelids that help keep our eyes safe and help keep dirt out of our eyes. 
The children loved to make the connections that the nose hairs also help keep out dirt, which was really neat!
We read Look Here by Sally Hewitt.  This is a good introduction to the sense of sight.
We continued our lesson by talking about the names of the parts of the eye.  I have some good diagrams on my  Five Senses Prezi.
  The children did a turn and talk to teach these parts of the eye to a friend.  We learned that the iris is the colored part of the eye and the pupil is the dark part of the eye in the middle that lets light into the eye.  They took some time to study their friend's eye and see what color the iris was and to see the pupil.
Next, we talked about how the pupil gets bigger when it is darker, because it needs to let more light into the eye so we can see better. When it is light, the pupil is smaller. There are also pictures of this on the Prezi, just so we can see the difference of bigger and smaller pupils. 
 The partners stood up and looked right into each other's eyes.  The shades were pulled, so when I turned off the lights it was quite dark.  I told them to stare at each other's pupils when I turned on the lights to watch them get smaller.  They could still be doing this experiment right now if I let them. They just got such a kick out of this! 
Next, we read Take Another Look by Tana Hoban.  I have had this book forever, and the children really enjoy it.  It shows a very magnified piece of something and the children have to guess what it is.
Other times during the day, I bring up different Optical Illusions for the children to see- to see how our eyes see things differently sometimes.  I have yet another Optical Illusion Prezi that I use for this! (of course... haha- I love my Prezis!!!)

Our memory game is next!  I had ten items on a tray, covered with a towel.  As the children sat in a circle, I walked slowly around as they study the items quietly and try to remember what they see.  After all the children had seen the items, I covered the tray again and we tried to remember the items together and make a list.  I had a calculator, sunglasses, goggles, Fritos, a red necklace, a Ninja Turtle- anything different is fun for them. 
Since Mr. Broom is just seeing for the first time, we showed him how he would know if we were happy, sad, grouchy, scared, cold, tired, and mad- by making faces at him to show our emotions. This is another easy and fun favorite.  
We talked about how some people need glasses to be able to see better. Mr. Broom has some glasses to help him see better sometimes, too, of course.
 I always take out my contact lens to show them what they look like, too.  They love that.  :)
We  discussed what it means to be blind and not be able to see.  I have a beautiful real Braille book that I let the children look at and feel to show them how a blind person would read instead of looking at the words. 
We also talked about how deaf people actually use their eyes to help them "hear" and speak with sign language. 
In fact, after this lesson, one of my little boys came zooming back into the classroom after he went to the bathroom and said, "MRS. KISLOSKI! There is Braille all over the paper towels in the bathroom!"  Sure enough, he brought back one of those bumpy brown paper towels from the bathroom that looked and felt a little like Braille!
While we had a few minutes waiting for buses or before lunch, we also played I Spy- an all time favorite. 
One of my Literacy Centers was Look and Find  and I Spy books- always a hit!
Our final activity was writing and labeling our five favorite things to see in our Five Senses book.

Tomorrow, Mr. Broom will be getting his ears! 
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  1. Hi, Carolyn! I am very happy to find your blog :) You are so creative in all the activities - the idea of having a Mr. Broom is amazing! Keep up a great work!
    Best wishes,

  2. Thank you, Anna! I am so glad you liked the idea. The kids LOVE him for some reason! I am not going to question it... just enjoy the fact that it worked out well. :)
    Thanks again!

    1. Surely, the outcome is more important some times than the reason behind the activity.
      Have a fab day!

  3. Hello,

    I'm working on an article for Scholastic Teacher magazine. In each issue, Teacher compiles lesson ideas on specific topics to share with teachers. (Readers total about 100,000 K-8 teachers in print and many more online.)

    I'm currently working on ideas for Summer Safety for grades K-1. I came across your learning your eye lesson and would love to include this activity. I'm going to amp it up w/an extension activity on wearing sunglasses as a way to protect your eyes.

    I'm emailing to ask your permission for me to summarize the lesson and quote from your blog post. I’m on a tight deadline and, as such, would appreciate your response by Friday, Feb 9.

    Please also send along the following information for me to include:
    Full name (as you'd like to see it published):

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    I look forward to hearing from you!



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