Friday, May 10, 2013

The Five Senses Celebration with Mr. Broom

We celebrated with Mr. Broom on his last day in our classroom. 

We began our celebrations by voting on our favorite Five Senses song from my Prezi.  Throughout the week, we listened to all of the songs.  This day, we voted on our favorite.  It was a hard decision.  Listening to the songs during snack time all week, was a great way to reinforce these senses!

Next, we played a game the children loved.  I had one child blindfolded, and sitting in my chair.  Another student came up and said, "Hello."  The blindfolded student tried to decide who said it using only his sense of hearing.  If he couldn't decide, he could feel the person to see if the hair were long or short, if there were a pony tail or head band, glasses or no glasses.  Usually, this was all it took.  If needed, he could use his sense of sight!  Smell and taste didn't really fit the game.  :)

OK... I could not RESIST this blindfold from Target- the fabulous dollar section!  I knew it amused me when I bought it, but then when the kids put it on, we spent the first few minutes laughing at each other, then got on with the game!

Next, we studied some popcorn using all of our senses.  We talked about popcorn and brainstormed some descriptive words to tell how it looked, sounded, smelled, felt, and tasted.   We came up with some good ones! 

I LOVE this book about writing, and I always have:

One thing I always remember that Marjorie Frank says, is that you have to "romance" your writers.  If you want them to write about something, they need to be immersed in it- touching it, tasting it, studying it, playing with it.   I romanced the class with some popcorn as we wrote about it! Ideally, a hot air popper is best- because it is so much better for hearing the popping and smelling the popcorn, but I didn't have one. :(  So we made it work with buttery popcorn from a bag.

Then, I romanced them with some peanut butter.

Everyone got a picture taken with our celebrity for the cover of their Five Senses Book.

My Five Senses Prezi and Booklet are available at my TPT store.  I included the booklet that I use for my unit with my Prezi.  I made two different covers- one is only the title, a space for a name,  and a blank area, because that is where I put a picture of the child with Mr. Broom.  The other cover has a little five senses picture on it if you would rather use that.  The booklet includes each sense and the information about that sense that I also have on the Prezi, plus a page where the child draws and labels his/her favorite things to go with that sense. 
It also includes the pages I use for our culminating activity when we use our senses to describe popcorn, apples, and peanut butter.

That finishes up our Five Senses week with Mr. Broom! Thank you for sharing it with me!
Happy Teaching,

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  1. Hi!! we are a group of Spanish students which are in Primary Education Degree and we think that your ideas about how to teach it are very good.Also we think that the best way that children learn about their senses is doing different activities in which they are the principal characters.Also they spend a good time with the celebration of "Mr.Broom" and the teachers as well :)
    On the other hand to reinforce their knowledge some activities that you propose are good from them because firstly they experiment with their senses and after that they do a writting activity in which they demonstrate what they have learnt from their experience.

    XO XO Busy Bees


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