Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Five Senses with Mr. Broom

Every year, Mr. Broom comes to visit our classroom to teach the children about the five senses! He could not be more simple (and not all that attractive!) yet whenever my past students stop in  to see me in the morning, everyone says, "I remember Mr. Broom!"  They even go and give him a hug. :)  My  class feels like we have a celebrity visiting for the week.  Talk about low-tech.  Yep! That is him!  He does wear an Under Armour shirt, so he is sort of stylish. 
Of course, when we start the week, he doesn't look like this at all. He is just a broom. Period.  He gets one of his senses each day. I will post each sense as we complete them.

I am so excited! I just finished my newest Prezi,  The Five Senses, that you can find here at my TPT store.  I wanted to have all of my resources for this unit all in one place so I finally did that. I have also include the booklet that I use for my unit. The page for each of the senses includes the information about that sense that is on my Prezi, as well as a page to draw and label five favorite things about that sense.   I have one huge box of all of my supplies, books, and activities for this unit, and now I have a Prezi to pull it all together.   I hope you enjoy it.  The preview is my "Sense of Hearing" part of the Prezi, so you can see what it is like. On the Prezi, I have a section for each sense, plus all of the Youtube videos about the five senses that I like the best, posters to bring forward on the Smartboard and talk about, Pinterest links for ideas, and other books I use for resources for the unit. 

Tomorrow, I will post about our "Sense of Smell!" I can't wait!
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