Thursday, May 30, 2013

Outdoor Treasure Hunt

Today was a perfect day for our Outdoor Treasure Hunt!  I have had everything prepared, and was just waiting for the perfect day.  Today was it.  It was a  million , ok, that is an exaggeration... It was   900,000 degrees in my classroom today.

 No air movement + LOTS of humidity = Perfect reason to get outside!

This was my preparation:
I stapled the stickers, paper, and bag together.  I like to have the children be able to put a sticker on the number of what they find, so that they don't need to have a pencil or anything else to keep track of outside.  I put everyone's name on the paper before we went outside.  All of the treasures go right into the bag. 
I almost forgot the other essential item for this Treasure Hunt:
I keep some of these in the staff room freezer just for urgent days like today! :) 

We met on the rug in the classroom to read over what we would be looking for outside.  We discussed different things we could find for each treasure and then hoped we could find them!

After I paired everyone up, and we went over our rules, we were off!
Just what she hoped for for "something soft!"
The were so focused on the goal- nobody even messed with those PUDDLES! YAY!
 Heading back to share!
A more delicious "treasure!"
We had a wonderful afternoon!  Thank you for visiting!  :)
Happy Teaching,



  1. Lovely lovely activity! They must have enjoyed immensely! I can see from their face expressions :) You are a great teacher!

    1. Thank you so much! We had lots of fun. :)

  2. I love this idea of the treasure hunt! Would you mind if I tried it next week, and showed my class these pictures before we start? It would be so fun for them to see another class participating in this before we do it too. Love how you've thought of everything, like the stickers and freeze pops. Thank you!
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