Monday, May 27, 2013

Busy Bees

The bees are buzzing outside and we are busy bees inside!  I made these bulletin boards for our hall:

When we begin learning our sight words in the fall, some days I call them "Buzz Words" and my little bee puppet helps me "buzz" when the class reads the words correctly.
We also talk a lot about how to "bee" in the beginning of the year as a classroom rule activity, sort of like these bulletin boards. 
Last week, we wrote, "I can be" stories.  I hung them out in the hall by our May flowers.
He worked so hard using his best writing, and getting his story so perfect- and then he put that little math fact in his illustration at the last minute.  :)  I sort of love it more because of that "2."  It is so kindergarten! :)

We also wrote our Buzz Words in a beehive and wrote about how we are busy on the back.


Another day, we did a writing assignment about something that "bugs" us.  We talked about what it means if something "bugs" us and turned and talked about  some of these things.  These were some favorites:
I would say being sprayed by a skunk would be way up there on the list of things that would bug me!


I totally related to this one because the minute I sit down to do anything, my cat starts scratching on the door to come inside!  I love the little cat feet she drew. :) 
I found this poster on Pinterest this past weekend- AFTER I did my activity, but I am going to remember it for next year. I couldn't find the original source as much as I tried, but it is really cute- especially for this time of year when everyone seems to be bugging someone!  :)

I found this adorable  honeycomb activity on Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas blog.  I love her blog. She has so many clever ideas!
We can do so many math activities using the honeycomb cereal as manipulatives, too- adding, subtracting, tens frames.  The shape is especially handy since the hexagon is now a required shape to teach in Kindergarten.
I also found this adorable math freebie from Enjoy Doing Math TPT Store.  I didn't use it this year, but am excited for next year!
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  1. Lots of great activities Carolyn! I have been wanting to do a really in-depth bee unit for my first grader. He has developed a overwhelming fear of bees and I thought learning more about them might help. I love the beehive sight words and pasta honeycomb! You've got some really talented writers and artists in your class! I'm impressed with how well the writing prompts came out. :)

    1. Thank you, Tanya! The children knew the "Busy Bees" paper would be out in the hall for everyone to see, so I think we gave that one some extra attention! :) I have a lot of children who are afraid of bees, too. One day there had been a start of a beehive on the playground, and even though it was taken right down, I had many who did not want any part of going outside. I thought the same thing as you did- I tried to make bees fun! :) Thank you so much for writing. Have fun!


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