Wednesday, May 29, 2013

End of the Year Thank You Cards

I just wanted to share a couple of ideas that I used for thank you cards from the class for people who have helped in my classroom this year.

This one was a "hugs and kisses" theme.  :)  I took a "hug" picture of the class for the front that I printed out 8X10:
and then for the inside, I printed out the "kisses" pictures each 4X6, because it is the class blowing kisses:
Then, they all signed the  top of the inside!


The next card was an ice cream theme. This one was for my mother for helping the children with their reading every day. :)  As I have mentioned before, my children LOVE The Big Dipper (our ice cream store by the school at the bottom of the hill). 
The way I talk about everyone loving this place so much, you might think it was a very grandiose place... :)  Nope.    But that doesn't mean it isn't special! I think the exact way it is, is what makes it so special.  :) 
They also LOVE the new Sweet Frog Yogurt store that opened up nearby.  I decided the best thank you gift would be some gift cards to the places the class loved best.  
Here is our card:

Thank you for visiting!
Happy Teaching,


  1. Hi there Carolyn! I love your thank you cards. Cute, cute, cute! It's so funny that you posted your cards today!! I'm probably posting mine tomorrow or Friday!! Cards are one of my most favorite things to make! I think volunteers would rather have a picture of the kids than a present. Lastly, if there were an ice cream shop at the bottom of my hill, my patootie would be even bigger than it already is!! Scary thought.

    1. :) That made me laugh! We didn't even have a traffic light in our town for YEARS- but we have a great ice cream place... priorities, you know! I love making cards. I think it is great to teach the children to write thank you notes, too. Can't wait to see yours!!


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