Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Our Very Own Miss Rumphius Strikes Again!

Today was the best book activity ever in my children's eyes! Our class received a huge surprise box to open. The suspense was just about driving us CRAZY all day!

Finally, after we finished our afternoon lesson, we were ready...
OOOOOH!  Our very own special Lupine Lady (my special Texas friend!) sent a bouquet of lupines to everyone in the class! 

How did she know all of our names?  How did she get these Texas bluebonnets here to New York? 
We quickly pulled up a map on the Smartboard and showed the distance these pretty flowers had travelled. 

1600 miles!  Map Quest said it would take one day and one hour to travel that far!

THANK YOU, MRS. TAND, our very own special Lupine Lady.  You made our day so beautiful! Everyone took a bouquet home to help us remember to make the world a more beautiful place.  What a wonderful day. 

Thank you for visiting! 
Happy Teaching,

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