Friday, July 4, 2014

Five for Friday and Funny Kid Friday

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for another fun Five for Friday and with Kid People Classroom for her Funny Kid Friday!

It's my first one after a FULL week of summer vacation.  Yes. It's true.  Vacation time flies. Slow down, July! I am trying hard to hoard my freedom!

In honor of this WONDERFUL Fourth of July, I found great snack ideas for my "virtual party."  I liked these because most were very doable.  (That doesn't look like a real word- but I googled it, just to be sure.  I know I have SAID it, but in writing, it looks wrong.) Isn't it funny how "write" and "wrong" both start with "wr?"  I just left that last comment in this post- to show you exactly how my mind works. 

Not really too focused.  ANYWAY...  Here's my party!  

These would be so cute for the kids from The Decorated Cookie.
Spoonful shared these!

Six Sisters made these little fireworks.
I could even make this Martha Stewart creation.
Lisa Storms has a healthy little flag. Isn't that cute?

If you have a bigger crowd,  Wenderly has this platter.  

Envy My Cooking shared this idea.  Love this.  
Good Housekeeping has this cupcake idea. Love this, too.
cupcake flag with berries and coconut
Isn't this so pretty from Life is Amazesing?

OK... here is where it gets real. Real impossible for me, but Tasty Food Snacks made this cake. I KNOW!  
SugaryWinzy Flag Cake and Tutorial
OK - these were easier cute!
Summer Dessert Ideas including 4th of July Recipes

Baked Bree shared this cake that actually looks like a possibility.  
flag cake with buttercream frosting recipe
I LOVE these hotdogs from Twisted Sifter!  The stars are spray cheese- or could be mustard.  

Buzzfeed has some fabulous July 4th FAILS- just to make us all feel better about ourselves.  I always love them.  This would be my cake...
Or maybe this- because I love the save with the paper flag stuck in the top.  
And this one that should probably be rebranded as a moon landing base cake.

Are you still there?  That was only ONE. Oh my. I promise to be more concise.

Next,  I finally  I just finished updating my  4 different Kindergarten Common Core Math Prezis to go along with the CCSS.  The Prezis are Counting and Cardinality and Base Ten, Measurement and Data, Operations and Algebraic Thinking,  and Geometry.  I searched for the best online learning games, videos, anchor charts  and resources to go with each of the 22 math standards.  These Prezis have been so useful for me both for teaching a concept and for reviewing. I used them all the time last year, and I went back through them and added more games and activities that I found to make them even better.  If you already own them, the changes will just show up when you open the Prezi. If you would like them, there are HERE at my TPT store.

You can try the Preview Prezi and see what they are like.  The Preview includes two of the standards: K.NBT.1 and K.OA.2, so that you can get an idea of the set up of the Prezis.  

I use them for whole group lessons and brain breaks, as well as for small group RTI.  I organized them by standard, so that I can have the standard up on the Smartboard that we are working on, and use those activities throughout the day.  That way, we can play a math game if we have a few minutes before lunch or recess, or on the rug as a whole group lesson.  I use them for center time- and during free choice time.

The bundle of Prezis is on sale at my TPT store this week. I made them FIVE for Friday!   I was looking forward to updating them, and feel so good to be able to check that off my list! 

I am SO excited to be going away with my sweet, sweet friends for my birthday. My friends Amy and Holly planned a get-a-way for us to Albany to have fun, laugh, explore, laugh, have more fun, get facials, and laugh some more.  
Amy and I are really kindred spirits- because look at BOTH of our dolls on the last day of school... Even THEY were DONE.  (Hers is the one on the right- with the hair... which is extra bad because our Principal saw her trying to clean the doll, and decided to throw it into the washing machine.  We may need some money budgeted for dolls.)

Amy and Holly  gave me clues each day the week before my birthday  on my desk for my gift.  What sweethearts. We are going to see Tammy.  I can't wait.  It's just what we need for the end of the year and beginning of SUMMER!

I  have a class coming up to discuss aligning our Kindergarten assessments for the new year.  I can't wait for everyone to try out ESGI.  

I found it in the middle of the year last year, and LOVED it.  I posted allllll about it HERE if you are interested in loving it, too. 
Here are some visuals that I made because I got totally carried away with making collages am a visual learner. 

If you are interested in using it, you can save $40 for the first year using this code:  PROMO CODE  B1119 .  I am looking forward to starting the year with it! 

I just loved this commercial.  It actually made me tear up.  It is so well done and important to remember. 

Finally, my Funny Kid Friday moment!
When I was trying to teach my children how to read to themselves,  we said a poem together with motions.  Next, we did only the motions to the poem, and said the poem "in our heads" with no voices.  

Then, I held up a book and  said, "Watch me read this page to myself in my head."

So I read it to myself, silently.

One little boy said, "Mrs. Kisloski, we couldn't even HEAR what you read, because your hair was in the way! "

I'm not sure everyone got my lesson.

Stop over to Kathleen's blog,   Kidpeople Classroomand share a laugh!  

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!  AND for those of you going to Las Vegas, HAVE A PERFECT TIME! 
You will!  I cannot wait to read and hear every detail, and see pictures.  I am planning next year already.                                                                                       


  1. I have so many things to say about this post, I'll have to email you, but here is an abbreviated five for five list:
    1. I'm coming to your party... virtually.
    2. What the heck is a Prezis
    3. My birthday was Monday-going with a girlfriend to Cleveland in a few weeks- thanks for reminding me about Tammy!
    4. I really gotta check out this ESGI stuff everyone's talking about... thanks for discount... I guess...
    5. I love that AD, too, and O.M.Gosh. I am still laughing about your hair being in the way hehehahahaheehee
    LOVE your posts!!!
    Kidpeople Classroom

  2. I'm going to have to copy Kathleen and number my comment:
    1. I started reading your post a long time ago, but had to stop and go stuff my face because all of your foodie pictures looked AMAZING and made me soooooo hungry! Yum!
    2. I don't know anything about ESGI, but I'm going to go look at your other blog post because I'm up for anything that helps with assessment!
    3. Your hair was in the way?! That is the most precious thing I've heard all day! Your right, though...he may have missed the point a little, but he gets bonus points for cuteness! Haha!

    Kindergarten Teacher at the Wheel

  3. I'm also coming to your 4th of July party!!! All that food looks so super yummy!!!! Enjoy your getaway with your friends!

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  4. Wow, all that food looks amazing! I am so there! Really love the striped flag cake. Some people are so talented. Isn't it just amazing how a child will have some random comment to give when you are trying so hard to make a point. That one cracked me up! The Prezi's look super, I am heading over to check them out. Have a great 4th!

    Luv My Kinders

  5. Your funny kid story--SOOO very funny! Boy, I sure do love this linky! :0) All of those recipes look delish--glad I just finished eating and am full to the brim, or I might have been asking hubby if he wanted to make a run to the store... Saving these for later.


  6. I love all of your Fourth of July treats! Your Funny Kid story is precious! Thank you for sharing; I like having a good laugh in the morning!

    Fit to be Fourth


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