Monday, December 22, 2014

Fourteen in '14 Linky!

Thank you so much Kristin, Traci, and Hadar for hosting this fun linky!  I love to see what everyone's been up to all year and get to know all of you out there better!  Here are my favorites from the year.

These are some of my very favorites.  They are up in my house to remind me all the time...

My favorite clothes are these ridiculously comfortable fleece pajamas lounge clothes that I basically put on the moment I walk though the door.  Every day.  It's a beautiful gray pair of big, oh-so-soft fleece pants, and an equally soft zip up jacket.  And that is exactly one of the reasons I do not have a blog like Sheaffer's Pinterest Told Me To.. it's probably more like Walmart Told Me To.  #sorrynotsorry.  How's that?!  OK- I love my Loft jeans, too. That's a little better.

We aren't good about going to movies.  My kids just go.  Why don't we just do that?  But I have seen so many previews that I say, "OH that looks good." And then...  we don't see them.  I do like the Hunger Games movies.  And I do want another Nicholas Spark's movie.  

I am going to try to get past my all time favorites of Will and Grace and Seinfeld, which I can watch at any given moment, and move into the "now."   Jeff and I love watching Biggest Loser and Gold Rush.  We love any sort of home remodeling show.  AND our newest love this year was House of Cards.  Can't wait til February.  I am afraid I may need to take a day off and watch the entire series in one sitting to find out what Claire and Frank are up to...

This is a tough one.  I am going to say that one of my favorites this year was a discovery on our vacation in Florida.  We went to Castaways for a quick dinner, and ended up staying forever because they had a wonderful band there and wonderful people.  Loved it.  

I had my first facial ever.  LOVED it.  My sweet, sweet friends Amy and Holly got me a facial and a trip to Albany for my birthday.  We had such a perfect time.  If I were ever rich and could have facials and massages every week- and a cook to make healthy food for me, I MAY be the nicest person in the world.  I can't imagine!    

OH and I ran (walked/ran) my first 5Ks this year with my daughter Emily.  They were so much fun. And she was so sweet to baby me along.  I did do better the second time, so I'm looking forward to more.  She runs them all year.  I need the sunshine and some warmth.  
(This was the Glow Run- no sunshine, but it was beautiful!)

My favorite gift is my family.  Honestly.  I am not a flower, candy or "thing" person at all.  I am so thankful for my parents, who always listen and really, truly care- and are there for us all the time, helping us and just being there, for my sister and her family, and for my sweet husband and children who are just my best gift ever.
The favorite things I have pinned at the moment are my Crockpot Food Ideas.  I have big plans over break of actually going through these pins and finding some great winter dinners.

  My favorite (that I can't even find and don't know where I got it...) is putting a stick of butter in the bottom of the crock pot and putting four  chicken breasts on top of it. Then, sprinkle one packet of dry Italian dressing over the chicken and squeeze the juice of two lemons over that.  Ta-da!  After it's in the crockpot all day on low, you can pull it apart with two forks and it is fabulous!  It's great on rolls or over rice- or just to eat.  SO EASY!

Back to my clothes, you should SEE my pretend closet on Pinterest.  It's really something. Of course I'm pinning them while I am sitting there in my comfy fleece so-  whatever.
One of my favorite blog posts this year was Bond, Number Bond,  posting about the Secret Agent Number Bond song that Rocking Dan Teaching Man wrote about my idea.  That just made me so happy.  Those are the really fun moments about blogging that I just love.

I am so happy that I started this blog.  I have met the nicest friends here.  Real friends who I just love.  Thank you all for being there.  I can't tell you how much you all make me smile.  

These make me happy whenever I look at them because we had a heck of a time with selfies...and such a wonderful time in Florida! We hadn't been in such a long time, and it was great.  
I don't have only one.  I have to say just so many times I have really laughed.  I love those moments.  I have  had so many blessings this year.   

My 2015 goal looks suspiciously like my 2014 goal- and probably like my goals since 1982...  eat better and exercise.  Hmmm.  But really.  That's my goal.  And drink more water.  How are those for original?!

Hope.  It's all over my house.  I just love hope.  

And that goes along with faith.  I just love faith, too.  I feel so blessed that I have hope and faith. 

And then, of course...

Love.   And I just love all of you for making blogging so much fun and so rewarding for me.
Have a beautiful, happy, healthy 2015!


  1. Lots of love to you! I think we're a lot alike. You in your lounge wear and me in my husband's sweatshirts. What a pair!! :)

  2. The selfie photo is adorable! I watched House of Cards, too - the theme song gives me the chills! 5Ks are so much fun...I always dread them beforehand, but then love the energy everyone brings. I'm so glad I discovered your blog this year :) Happy New Year! Jen

  3. What a fun linky! I love The Hunger Games movies, too! Can't wait for the last one! I also love the word hope. It fills everyday with promise and excitement. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Oh my gosh ~ What an uplifting message! I love that you started running with Emily. Happy Holidays! :) Anne


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