Tuesday, December 30, 2014

One Word Resolution Linky

I am linking up with Primary Powers for the One Word Resolution Linky.   I should have NOT read the other great links before I started writing, because I found some fabulous words that I loved.  I love Sarah's from A Sunny Day in First Grade... BE.  And I love Angela's from The Daily Alphabet- TRY.  So many times I have been so glad that I tried something.

I am a little scared of the word PATIENCE, because I will never forget the teacher who used to teach next to me having a HORRIBLE day, and she said to me, "Well, I prayed for patience today, and God gives you tests to strengthen your patience if you ask for it."  I remember thinking: note to self... Do NOT pray for patience.

Anyway- my word resolution for the year is ...
Hope, for me, goes right along with faith.  I believe God gives us the gift of hope so many times and the faith to believe He will be with us every step of the way while we trust in Him.

My hope isn't even just for the biggies- but just finding little things to hope  for and look forward to- like a snow day, or finding the coffee cream that I love that's always out of stock, or something turning out better than I thought.  You never know!  That's the joy of hope.    And even when that snow day doesn't come, there's hope for another.  It doesn't end.  That's why I love hope.

Thank you, Casey Jane for this fun Linky! Happy New Year to you all!


  1. "Hope" makes me think of the Hunger Games. I haven't seen the new one, but I know it comes up in the first 2. You are right, hope doesn't end. Thanks for linking up!

  2. That's such a funny story about "patience"! :) Hope is a good one.

    Not Just Child's Play

  3. Thanks for sharing this post and all the wonderful, uplifting quotes! Happy New Year!
    :) Anne

  4. Happy Holidays Carolyn!
    Hope, what a great One Word Resolution. Such a wonderful perspective to keep.
    Enjoy the rest of your break.
    School Is a Happy Place

  5. Hope is a great word!!! Have a fantastic New Year's Carolyn! :) <3

  6. I love HOPE! No matter what tomorrow brings, I have HOPE that our great God can turn it into something wonderful. I should know, I've witnessed it first hand! Happy New Year, Carolyn!


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