Friday, May 29, 2015

Five for Friday May 29

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. Thank you for hosting, Kacey! 

Wednesday was such a beautiful day- and HOT. So we took a few minutes to have some fun outside. Everyone chose a piece of sidewalk chalk. We lined up around the circle on the blacktop.

Then, we began to make our Crazy Class! I spread the kids out so they each had a space. Then, everyone drew a big head.

When I said, "Switch!" each child moved one to the right to continue making the person. The first switch was to add eyes. Next switch was a nose, then a mouth, then hair...
By the time we added all the body parts, a shirt, pants, shoes, hands, ears, earrings... we almost made it all the way around the circle!
Finally, we had a parade around the circle to admire our Crazy Class, and to see how the head we made finally turned out!
After we made our class, we had a little chalk spelling test in the sunshine with our sight words.
This whole little activity only took about 15 minutes. What a great break it was for all of us!

We continued studying Eric Carle books this week.   I use my Eric Carle Prezi ALL the time when I do our unit. The children loved reading From Head to Toe. I always read this book in the beginning of the year when we start off with our "I Can" statements.  

I thought this was a great quote to go along with all the "I can" statements we live with!
Our "I can" poster is one of the first things we make in the classroom. 

I liked this "I can" poster, too:

When my sister worked in a kindergarten classroom, she made an adorable class book that she shared with me. I love how she made the pictures  look Eric Carl-ish!

This time of year, I focused on all the wonderful things the children learned that they CAN do as the year progressed!

After the children wrote what they can do, we shared- and showed off our talents!

This is one of the writing prompts from my Eric Carle Writing Prompt packet. This time of year, I am doing so much teaching with literature.  One book has so many lessons! 

We also watched some videos to go with different books on my Eric Carle Prezi. 
Oh- one of my sweeties wrote that she could do a wall sit.  The other kids had never heard of a wall sit, so she showed them when we shared.  They all wanted to do it, too- of course.  So- we went into the hall and tried it out.  Some of the kids were kind of amazing right off the bat!

My husband has been challenging himself with different things- planks, wall sits... and he just did a 10 minute wall sit  AND a 10  minute plank.  He's very proud of that... and he should be- because I would be forever in that position and never standing upright again if I did that. I'm totally like that one leaning against the wall...  

I am trying to decide what to do this year for Father's Day.  Last year, I took each child's picture holding the bubble letter  "My" sign. Then, after they were cut out, they each colored in "My" with the color Pop Rocks they chose.  I used double sided tape to stick the Pop Rocks onto the paper underneath their picture.  I used this as a cover of a book they wrote about their father. 

Look at this DARLING directed drawing FREEBIE for Father's Day from Whimsy Workshop.  You may know that I LOVE her and her work. I cannot wait to do these with my class!

Finally, my sweet little class was on a mission this week.  Apparently OTHER classes (not ours, of course...) have been rough on the playground.  My class decided to save the day with some posters to hang around the school.  They made these on their own during free choice.  I love it.

Be nice to people because some kids are getting hurt and sad , so be nice please. 

And... I just loved this picture.  <3  


  1. I love the "I Can" interactive writing chart! It would be great to use both at the beginning and end of the year to track our growth, too. I'm also using the directed drawing for Father's Day! Thanks for sharing, Jen

  2. I love your crazy class idea. What a fun way to get the kids outside for a little break.
    Grade School Giggles

  3. Hi Carolyn.
    Long time no "see." Hope you're doing well. I love the Pop Rocks idea, simple and fun!
    Have a great week.
    School Is a Happy Place

  4. Hi Carolyn, You have such a sweet bunch of kids. I love the chalk activity and the Pop Rocks signs. What great ideas!
    Stephanie from Principal Principles


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