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Five for Friday June 5

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. Thank you for hosting, Kacey!

As I was looking through these books ready to write my post for PreK and K Sharing tomorrow (June 6) , my daughter Ellie, who will be 25 in July, picked up Mud Pies and Other Recipes, and said, "OH MY GOSH I loved this book!" We had fun reliving all the delights that we made using this book. We used it all the time at my parents' house when my children were young and we would go there to play.

 My PreK and K Post will be all my favorite, most magical books for outside summer fun to share with children on relaxing summer days.

I am going to write about just a few of them today.  If you haven't seen these books, they are really special.

These recipes are so much fun- and just so sweet.  I've read reviews of this book that described it as delightful and charming- and that's exactly what this book is.  I would also add magical.

This may be my all time favorite.  Well, maybe tied with Mud Pies.  I could read and reread this book. It's beautifully written and so sweet.  Every time I read it, I found another little gem and detail in the book.  It takes you to such a wonderful place.  

I MAY have a thing for fairies...  

When my kids at school ask me if zombies or monsters are real, I am so quick to say, "No." But... if they ask me if fairies are real, I always say, "Wow, I really hope they are!"

I sort of have proof that they are real. This is a picture of my kids and my nephews in 1999 inside a fairy ring at my parents' house. There you go!

Here is a description of fairy rings from Wikipedia (so you KNOW it's true... )
A fairy ring, also known as fairy circle, elf circle, elf ring[1] or pixie ring, is a naturally occurring ring or arc of mushrooms.[2] The rings may grow to over 10 metres (33 ft) in diameter, and they become stable over time as the fungus grows and seeks food underground. They are found mainly in forested areas, but also appear in grasslands or rangelands. Fairy rings are detectable by sporocarps in rings or arcs, as well as by a necrotic zone (dead grass), or a ring of dark green grass. Fungus mycelium is present in the ring or arc underneath.
Fairy rings are the subject of much folklore and myth worldwide—particularly in Western Europe. While they are often seen as hazardous or dangerous places, they can sometimes be linked with good fortune.

They are very rare... and I believe the good fortune part. I love happy things that surprise me- and this was one of them!

Have some fun with this Fairy Dough from Laughing Kids Learn. I haven't made it, but it looks pretty magical to me!
Fairy Playdough using three ingredients

Don't you just want to peek inside?

OK... back to the book...these pages give you an idea of what it's like.  It's a breath of fresh air.

We had the BEST time with Touch-Me-Nots. When you touch them, they POP and explode right in your hand.  It truly is magic. The bush looks like this:

You look for the seed pods that look like this: 
When they are fat and ready to pop- and you touch them just a little, they explode right in your hand. It's so much fun to go on a hunt for these late in the summer.  

Back to the book again...

This is another great book to read when you make your sunflower house!

Here are some sunflower house pictures from The Examiner.  Making a sunflower house is fun every step of the way- from planting it to seeing those first sprouts, then playing in it, and finally watching the birds enjoy the seeds- and saving some of those seeds for another year!

My friend Amber, from  School is a Happy Place, always has such wonderful ideas.  She shared this free Summer Break Review book that is perfect to send home with the kids at the end of school. Thank you, Amber!

My class made a book for me during library time.  This was the first page in the book, and for some reason, even though it may appear to be superficial, I love it with all my heart.  The superficial part doesn't bother me at all. How strange...   It made my day.  

I love this one, too.  Not really sure about my hairdo. 

And then-  here is my sword.  You never know when it may just come in handy.

Oh and one more... She just told me her favorite number is six, so I am prettttty sure her sentence meant to say, "I like six."  Let's hope.

Phonics Search and Write (Differentiated) CVC Short Vowels

I love all of her packets and use them all the time!  The kids love them, too.  

Happy Weekend! Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Oh, that looks like fun! It all makes me just WISH for a grandchild to share it all with. LOL!

  2. Magical! The illustrations alone in Sunflower Houses are so beautiful. Lots of fun ideas AGAIN! Hugs to you for sharing wonderful things to do with our little friends!


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