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Ready for Some SCARECROWS?

My friend Dan (Rocking Dan, Teaching Man) just shared a new scarecrow song, Dance Like a Scarecrow, on his Youtube channel- and it's so much fun! If you haven't found his  Youtube channel yet, you'll love it!  He's got so many great songs.

I thought you needed some activities to go along with it. So I thought I'd share some great TPT freebies.  I updated a list that I had made before (because some links don't work anymore or the items aren't available anymore) and I found some new fun things to share!

We are making these scarecrows this week.  I always love the expressions on anything the children make where they draw on faces.

Last year I had to resort to cutting off parts of my broom for the "straw" for their little hands and feet.  Poor Mr. Broom has this botched up looking haircut.  This year, I actually had my husband get me some hay from the hay bale his scarecrow is sitting on for his school contest.  It's always something!  This year I also remembered my hot glue gun to put on the buttons.  They fall right off with Elmer's.

We are also working on learning left and right.  I wrote a little story YEARS ago for a game to play at a  Halloween party for my own kids.  I used the idea from the Mr. and Mrs. Wright stories that people use at Christmas party gift swaps, where you pass a gift to the left or right whenever the word left or right is said.   For our game,  the children held hands and went around in a circle to the left or to the right whenever I said that word.  So, if I said, "left," the children walked their circle to the left. They kept walking that direction until I  read the word "right" in my story, when they had to switch and go to the right.  They loved it.  

We played it again sitting on the floor in a circle.  This time, everyone was holding a different type of wrapped candy.  When I read "left" they passed their piece to the person on their left. When I read "right" they passed it to the person on their right. 

For my Kindergarteners, I had them raise their left hand if I said, "left" or their right hand each time I said, "right."  They liked this, too. 

Here is my story if you would like a copy. Just click on the picture below to get yours! Feel free to  change it any way you would like. I have two versions. The first one is RIGHT/LEFT- every other direction.  This was good for the hand-raising game I played with my Kindergarteners.  The second version is a mix- several lefts or rights in a row. This works best for the candy passing game, and even for the circle walking game. 

I have lots of sweet scarecrow books. When we read Scaredycrow, we talked about how  Scaredycrow was actually scared of everything, but everyone was scared of him, because nobody really knew each other. They all became friends once they took the time to get to know each other.

Here are some other good ones...

This one is good for teaching about how we all have jobs that are important to do, even when we don't feel like working and would rather play (not that you would ever need that lesson...)

Ready for some FREEBIES? I found some wonderful things at TPT and just random places online.

Busy Bee Crafts has the directions to make this cute little scarecrow. I love the cupcake liner hat!

I found some adorable food scarecrows!
Look at this darling little Scarecrow Candy Necklace by Spoonful...
and these cuties also from Spoonful.

These are from Land-O-Lakes.

I am in love with these crows from  at Party Pinching!

How about this little meal from Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons?  So cute!

Here are some great activities for you.

2 Teaching Mommies has a wonderful free Scarecrow Unit at their blog.
Click to Download
 Here are the activities it includes:
  • How Many Crows?
  • Cc Letter Sort
  • Number Order Puzzle (1-10 and 11-20)
  • Roll & Graph
  • Magnet Page
  • Spelling Page
  • Count & Clip
  • Which is Different?  
  • Patterns (ABAB and AABB)
  • Writing Maze
  • Beginning Writing/Cutting Practice  
  • Size Sort 
Here are some great math ideas:

I liked this Scarecrow Mini Math Unit FREEBIE from Chrissy Cox. 
Scarecrow Mini-Math UnitScarecrow Mini-Math UnitScarecrow Mini-Math Unit
Learning Harbor made this great Silly Scarecrow Math Game.

Freebie Silly Scarecrow Math Game Cards Numbers Ten Frames Freebie Silly Scarecrow Math Game Cards Numbers Ten FramesFreebie Silly Scarecrow Math Game Cards Numbers Ten Frames

Fun and Learning has a great Color By Number Scarecrow.
Scarecrow color by Number

Elena Ortiz made a Scarecrow Ten Frame Matching Game. So cute!

Scarecrow Ten Frame Matching Game (1-10)

Betsy Lockaby made some cute little Scarecrow Ten Frames, too.

Scarecrow Ten Frames

Here are some fun Fall Ten Frames from Lauren Livengood.

Fall Ten Frames {Freebie}

This is a great Scarecrow Glyph by Cindy Conley. Glyphs are always fun!
Scarecrow Glyph- October Fun

Shelley Lovett made this Scarecrow Roll and Cover game which is perfect for a math center. My kids still need work on number recognition. She suggested using play doh to cover the numbers. That would be fun.

Scarecrow Roll and CoverScarecrow Roll and Cover

Kid Sparkz made this Scarecrow Cut and Paste with Shapes. This would be great for Pre-K, and  you could add some sight words, numbers, or even just some details  to it for Kindergarten!
Scarecrow Cut and Paste with Shapes and Colors for Preschool

This Build a Scarecrow Activity  from Sped Ventures also goes with the story.
Roll or Spin a Scarecrow - Fall/Halloween center activity
Little Miss Kindergarten made a cute Roll a Sammy the Scarecrow coloring activity.
Roll a Sammy the Scarecrow!

Here are some Literacy favorites.

Nicki Thigpen made an adorable Scarecrow Color-By-Sightword Activity that would be a perfect follow up activity to do after reading any of the scarecrow books.  I love her work!

Scarecrow--Sight Word Color
In fact, this great Scarecrow Pal Writing Activity from Cheryl Charbonneau would be fun to use with it.
Scarecrow Pal Writing

Primary Perspective made this fun Scarecrow Literacy Freebie to work on "ow" words like crow.
Scarecrow Fun-Freebie!Scarecrow Fun-Freebie!Scarecrow Fun-Freebie!Scarecrow Fun-Freebie!

Keirsten Hickey has a cute Fall Rhyming Scarecrow Activity.
Fall Rhyming ScarecrowFall Rhyming Scarecrow

Sounds Like Fun has a great Scarecrow Listening Activity!  I love using listening activities.

Print and Go FREE: Scarecrow Listening Comprehension Activity

Heidi Dickey has a fun Labeling Activity.
Scarecrow Labeling Posters & Differentiated Labeling Activ

I love these free Scarecrow Sightwords from Lisa Parnello. These are great for a matching game, for flashcard practice, or for line up games!

Free Scarecrow Sight Words
1-2-3 Learn Curriculum made a precious Scarecrow, Scarecrow What Do You See Book. My kids will love this. She includes a colored version, as well as black and white version for the children to color.

Scarecrow, Scarecrow, What Do You See?Scarecrow, Scarecrow, What Do You See?Scarecrow, Scarecrow, What Do You See?Scarecrow, Scarecrow, What Do You See?

Miss Hellen's Hippos shared this fun Scarecrow Book! It's great for following directions.
Scarecrow Book FREEBIE!

Melissa Moran has a cute Colorful Scarecrow Readerfor the children to color and practice color words.
Colorful Scarecrow Emergent Reader
Jennifer Brown made this cute Scarecrow Loves Fall Easy Reader. It would be great to go with the Five Sense Unit in fall!
Scarecrow Loves Fall Easy ReaderScarecrow Loves Fall Easy ReaderScarecrow Loves Fall Easy Reader

Michelle, The 3 AM Teacher, has some free Scarecrow Toppers and Banners.
Scarecrow Toppers & Frames Clip Art

Have a wonderful, crow-free day!


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