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5 for Friday Dr. Seuss Style!

I am linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for a Dr. Seuss theme Five for Friday! Thank you, Kacey, for hosting!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!   There are so many great Dr. Seuss books.  I am going to share some easy, fun ideas I use for a few of them. We will be celebrating Dr. Seuss all week.

First of all, if you haven't visited Seussville online- GO!  It has so many great activities and games for Dr. Seuss books!

I made a Prezi for you with some Dr. Seuss videos and links to other great Dr. Seuss ideas. I leave it up on the Smartboard when I'm teaching about him. I just updated it and I love it! I hope you enjoy it, too.

Here are some of my favorite activities to celebrate Dr. Seuss.  They are simple, easy to plan, and fun for the kids- maybe that's why they are my favorites!

The Shape of Me and Other Stuff


-Play Color/Shape Bingo.

-Show silhouettes of objects or animals and have children name the shapes.  Just google image "silhouettes of animals" and you'll have more than you can use! You could even show them on the Smartboard.  This one is from Deviant Art.  I put one on my Prezi that I use on the Smartboard.

41 Animal Vector Silhouettes by Lukasiniho


-You can make silhouettes of the children by taping black paper on the Smartboard.  Have each child stand sideways in front of the white board, with the light on, and trace their profile. Then, carefully cut the profiles out and glue onto another piece of light colored paper.   The children always love this activity. It makes a nice gift for parents, too.

-Sort shapes of candy bars.  You can trace around different mini candy bars and have the children match the candy to the shape.  Then, put them in a big bowl and let children choose a piece.

Or each child can have a little bag of different shaped candy of his/her own!

-Put shapes or letters on a dark piece of construction paper in front of a sunny window.  Leave it for the week, then take them off. The tricky part is reminding the children NOT to touch anything.  You can laminate the construction paper and have a shape or letter sorting activity.  You can also make shadows by putting shapes on paper and copying it in the copy machine!

The Cat in the Hat


- Have children try to balance an eraser/beanbag/book on their heads as a relay.
- Make a snack with a vanilla wafer or half an Oreo on the bottom, then red gummy lifesavers stacked on top with frosting in between.

These are from Fancy Frugal Life.
This healthier version is from Super Healthy Kids. 
These are from Artisian Cake Company.  Love these!

Social Studies:
- Talk about rules for being at home when parents are gone.
- Talk about stranger safety.
-  Have each child learn their telephone number and address, as well as 911 for emergencies.

- Talk about why it rains and the water cycle.  Sing my favorite song...

-List all the things you can do on rainy days in the house.
-Design and label a machine that could clean up your room.
-Write an acrostic poem for CAT or HAT.

Finally, how about looking at some cats in hats?  (This video is on my Prezi- along with "How to Draw The Cat in the Hat.")

You could even use this as a writing prompt for the kids to follow up writing about and describing their favorite hat on a cat- OR what hat they would put on their cat.  It would be a great detail lesson.

AtoZ teacher stuff has these fabulous free printables for Cat in the Hat.  I love the "at" one!

Hop on Pop

Here is a cute Hop on Pop song. 

-Hop on Pop is a fun book to use for rhyming (of course...).  I like to play a rhyming game with the class after we read this.  I write several words on 3X5 cards and put them in a bag.  Choose words that are easy to rhyme with other words like hop, cat, pin, bed, book, cup...The children sit in a circle. The leader picks a word that I have written and thinks of a rhyming word to go with it.   Then, the next person has to think of a rhyming word.  This continues around the circle until we can't think of any more rhyming words.  The next person in the circle draws another word, and the game continues.

-Another fun game is to write pairs of rhyming words on 3X5 cards.  One card has "cat."  One as "bat." One has "pin." One has "fin." etc.  Make enough pairs so each student has a card. The children spread out all over the room.  Then, shuffle the cards and give one to each child.  The children have to find their matching rhyming card.  When they find their match, the pair sits down wherever they are.  

-One more fun game I call "Hop on Pop."  As we read through our sight word flash cards, I put the word "pop" in the pile several times.  Every time we come to the word "pop," the kids have to hop ten times!  They love it.  We read the words fast- and hop fast, or slow and have to hop slowly...  It's just fun.  

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish


- Use colored goldfish crackers as manipulatives for addition/subtraction word problems, sorting, patterning, or counting.

-Have children get into pairs.  Each pair draws a big circle or fishbowl on a paper and has 20 goldfish and  a die to roll.  The first partner rolls the die. They count that many fish to put into their fishbowl. Once all of their fish are used up,  the keep rolling, but this time, they subtract that many goldfish from the bowl.  

-You can continue on with a science lesson about real fish.

-Have the children write a story about if they were a fish living in a fish bowl, or a story about going fishing.

These are from the Artisan Cake Company again.  Love these, too!


-Here is a simple new game I thought of for Green Eggs and Ham, that the kids LOVE,  using my plastic green Easter eggs.  I printed CVC words, and put one in each egg.  One of the eggs has the word "ham."  The children sit in a circle, and each child chooses one egg.  We go around the circle, and each child opens and reads his/her word.  The child with the word "ham" is the winner of the round!  Once we finish, they put the words back in the egg, the eggs back in my bag, and we play again!

You could also have the children open the egg and write their word on the dry erase board or on a sheet of easel paper to collect a list of the CVC words.  

This is a fun partner game, too.  Have all of the eggs in a container, and have each partner take out one at a time, and read the word.  Both partners record the word.  The partner who chooses the egg with "ham" is the winner!  You could use sight words or numbers in the eggs - whatever you want the kids to practice.  Just have one egg with "ham" in it and you are good to go!

Here are some CVC words to use if you'd like them.  I printed mine on card stock so they were sturdy.

These green eggs and ham are from Artisian Cake Company.  I like this idea better than scrambled eggs, because you could make this ahead of time and not worry that they're not hot.

These, from Love From the Oven are so cute (and simpler and easier to make ahead and bring into school!), too!

And one more quick find to go with:

Horton Hears a Who

Seussville has great activities for Horton!
I love the Good Deed certificate (upper right corner). My kids always love the dot to dot and maze, too.  This is a great site.

I hope you found some fun ideas to use in your classroom.  Have a wonderful week!


  1. I am so thankful every week for your post! I'm doing all of this and might be gaining a little bit of weight with all these treats!

  2. My kindergarten students LOVE Seussville! It's so neat to see all the ways you celebrate in your classroom!

    Teaching Voracious Learners

  3. Absolutely love Dr. Seuss because his books are so accessible for children and I've lost count of the number of children who have really progressed in their reading through his wonderful rhyming books. Some excellent new ideas here in your post so thank you so much for sharing :) Have a relaxing weekend! Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  4. Isn't this just the best week ever coming up? So many things to do. My guys are dressing up every day. Happy to find the concentration game- I'll add it to my to-dos. See you later. Kathleen
    p.s. I didn't see your link on the Doodle Bugs page.

  5. Great ideas! I love Dr. Seuss week!

  6. Fun ways to celebrate SEUSS day in your class-thanks for sharing!!

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    -Lovely Nina


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