Friday, May 20, 2016

Five for Friday May 20

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Dr. Jean and I put together another science packet.  This one is called I am a Scientist .We included QR codes, a Prezi, anchor charts, her song "I Know a Scientist," and 20 of our favorite, tried and true lesson plans for hands-on STREAM activities.  We love hands-on learning, and so do the kids. 

Here is a list of the activities we included. It's a great variety of STREAM (Science,Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities.   

These anchor charts are included. I printed them for the kids' science journals.

The Prezi has the videos that are on the QR codes, too, so I used the Prezi to teach and the QR codes as a center to reinforce the concepts.  I zoom in on either the "I am a Scientist" or "The Scientific Method" slide and leave it up on the Smart TV for science so the kids see it as a huge poster.  

We had a BALL with the Shoe Classification Activity!  (I used some of my pictures from the week for the activity pictures!)

I love this packet because it's great for the end of the year- when I want to let the kids move and have fun- but still learn.  It's also great for the beginning of the year, to introduce science and what being a scientist is all about.  Next year, I'm going to start Scientist of the Week.  The kids will love it.

I hope you enjoy the packet as much as we do.  It's a great way to instill a love of science into your classroom!
Some of my sweeties wanted to show you exactly how our "sh" spray works!  I think they should do an infomercial or go on Shark Tank- and we can put this right on QVC...

(It's almost creepy when I say, "sh" at the end.  It sounds ominous...  but you get the idea.  They get quiet.  :)


It's a small spray bottle with "sh" written on it.  The "magic spray" is water and glitter. It's fancy, that's for sure.   I keep it by the door, and when they're lined up and ready to go- I spritz down the line- and ta-da.... silence!  So magical!  AND - they really learn that "sh" digraph!

Luckily we had a delivery in a very big box.  What could be better?   We decided we would make a Reading Box. That was simple- and the easiest to make- so it worked great for me.  I cut the flaps off. Done!

 The first day we decorated the box.  Everyone  got to add something special.  When they felt they were a part of making the box, they want to take better care of it. 

Each day, during center time when a group of 4 are on the rug, I split the time so two go in the box to read for the first part of their center time, then the other two go in to read for the last part. Everyone gets a chance in the box.  It's REALLY special- and SO exciting! AND you do your best reading in the box, don't you know!!!

Dr. Jean and I made 20 different designs for 17 sayings for our Gift Tag, Gift Card, and Gift Idea Packet.  Each saying is on both a half sheet of paper to use as a gift tag or a full sheet that can be printed, folded, and made into a card that your class can sign. 
It would be fun to give a variety, but I decided to go with "Thanks a latte" for my end of the year thank you's for everyone at school. We have a lot to be thankful for every day- and I want the kids to know that!  I got packs of Starbucks $10 gift cards and added them to our cards.  Everyone signed each card. We read Elephant and Piggie's THANK YOU book, and had a delivery day.  That's one of my favorite mornings of the year. The kids are SO THRILLED to give- and I just love that. 


Did you know this is the last book in the series?  I'm sad it's ending, but I can't wait to see what Mo Willems comes up with next!
I got out the Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, Gears- all sorts of building activities.  The Tinker Toys became microphones.  The boys became back-up dancers. (The girls reminded them that "back-up" dancers go... in the back.) And that was all she wrote.  They went into housekeeping to practice their performance and surprise me.

Yeah- I probably wouldn't have chosen a Flo Rida song but...  they just kept singing this line over and over- and having a ball!  Welcome to our house!

Thank you for stopping by! Have a perfect weekend.


  1. My kids need some "SH" spray right about now! I love the Reading Box!

  2. I love the sh glitter spray! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. The SH spray video made me laugh out loud. HA. And I am so sad about MO... can he come up with characters again as good as Elephant and Piggie?? Hey, stop by and see our second animation video. hee. See you around, Carolyn! Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom


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