Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I am a Scientist!

 Dr. Jean and I made another science pack!  This one has QR codes, a Prezi, anchor charts, her song "I Know a Scientist," and 20 lesson plans for hands-on STREAM activities.  The activities are tried and true, fun, educational, and memorable for the kids.  I LOVE hands-on activities with the kids.  My class is LOVING science with our new I am a Scientist packet.

Here is a list of all we included. It's a great variety of STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities.   

I printed these anchor charts to add to the kids' science journals.

The Prezi has the videos that are on the QR codes, too, so I used the Prezi to teach and the QR codes as a center to reinforce the concepts.  I zoom in on either the "I am a Scientist" or "The Scientific Method" slide and leave it up on the Smart TV for science so the kids see it as a huge poster.  

AND Dr. Jean's SONG!  Oh my gosh, songs are the best for learning. And nobody does them better than Dr. Jean!

We had a BALL with the Shoe Classification Activity this week.  (I used some of my pictures from the week for the activity pictures in the packet.)
My husband actually used to do this for his high school Earth Science class as an introduction to the importance of sorting and classifying in science, and what scientists do.  He did it a little more advanced with teams- but we had so much fun with it as a whole group- and learned how important sorting and classifying is in a fun way!   It's fun to start with a simple attribute to sort by, then get progressively more tricky!  And then choose a student to sort by an attribute.  They love it!
fluorescent yellow on the sneaker
laces/ no laces!
tied/ untied

The kids begged to do it the next day- and we did- even though I was nervous the whole time, because I thought we'd have a fire drill any minute since it was a nice day.  (We didn't.  Phew!)

It's interesting to see which traits are tricky and which aren't.  They get really fast at the game quickly. And love to see how fast they solve the mystery!

I love this packet because it's great for the end of the year- when I want to let the kids move and have fun- but still learn.  It's also great for the beginning of the year, to introduce science and what being a scientist is all about.  Next year, I'm going to start Scientist of the Week.  The kids will love it.

I hope you enjoy the packet as much as we do- and it helps to instill a love of science into your classroom!
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