Monday, January 13, 2014

If you cough or if you sneeze...

Today we had a little reminder about GERMS.  I think I am sort of the Disinfectant Queen- since I go over everything all the time with wipes and cleaner.   Still, with so many little hands in so many little  places touching so many little things, you can never throw in enough little health tips!
Here are some books that I have.  (Don't worry- we didn't read them all today. I just want to show you some of the good books I use. I don't want to give the kids  nightmares about germs!)

Little Miss Kindergarten has a blog post about Glitter Germs that explains the activity really well.  The most important part of making Glitter Germs is using cosmetic superfine glitter mixed with the germ-x, so the glitter  doesn't get into anyone's eyes.
For this activity, one child begins with some glitter germ-x or glitter and lotion on his/her hand.  Then, after that person shakes hands with one child, and that child shakes hands with another- until every child has been touched, the class meets to see who has some glitter (germs) on their hands.  Surprise!  Everyone does. 
 What a wonderful "hands-on" (literally!) lesson this is for the children that they really GET and remember.
Lohren Nolan has a great little Germ Booklet writing activity at her TPT store that would go along great with this experiment.
Germ BookletGerm BookletGerm Booklet
This is Sid the Science Kid's Journey of a Germ song.  The kids love this one!
This is a silly little hand washing video, just as a reminder for the children to REALLY wash those hands.

We made this art activity to help us remember to cover our mouth when we cough or sneeze so that we don't spread our germs.  First, I took everyone's picture up close and printed them (5x7).  When I printed out the children's pictures, I was disappointed because the ink was getting low and the coloring was off.  Then I realized that what I didn't like about it was that they looked sort of sick which was actually perfect for this  activity!
I cut construction paper strips 3" x 18".   I printed out this poem and had them cut for the children to glue on the inside of their paper. 
                                                           If you cough or if you sneeze,
                                                          Cover your mouth if you please.

 Here is a copy of the little poem.  I used different fonts so they could chose a favorite.  Just click the picture if you would like a copy!
The children traced and cut out their hands, then glued them onto the ends of the paper- with a tissue on top of one side.  (They amuse me just looking at them.)


Then, I showed them how to fold the papers. (Remember that they are supposed to be sneezing- not having some problem where their fingers are huge and swollen like they appear to be...)

This little sweetie didn't feel well all day. She had a sore throat today, and so did I.  She came up to me and said, "Mrs. Kisloski, I feel like somebody painted the back of my throat with nail polish." 
I totally got that because so did I-I just wasn't as creative describing a sore throat!  She gets an A+ for being descriptive today.  Oh and she cut off two of her fingers that she traced by accident, and said, "That's ok- because now I can cover my mouth and say, 'I love you!' "   Sweetheart.
Stay healthy! We just need a little...


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