Thursday, January 2, 2014

Perspective for the New Year and Free Prezis!

Happy New Year!  I have missed keeping in touch on my blog for a couple weeks! Our whole family went on a vacation to visit friends in Texas.  We had so much fun being together and being away for a while.  The day we left for home, my friend was apologizing for the 45 degree "cold" weather.  What she didn't realize was that tomorrow will be -3 here... 

That was one  situation that got me thinking about perspectives. 

Here was another.  As we were taking a ferry ride to an island near Galveston, a nice lady offered me some bread to feed the birds.  I happily said, "Sure!" and started feeding those hungry gulls- until this man came and yelled at me. Apparently, even though LOTS of other people were feeding them, I was the easiest to yell at. We hadn't left the dock yet, so it wasn't ok to feed them. Oops.  I was instantly back in elementary school feeling scolded and guilty.  Jeff, apparently, was feeling like it was a perfect time to take a picture. 
(I look  happy- but it's my nervous face...The lady behind the man in orange was the culprit handing out bread. She is apologizing profusely.  Oh my.)

I think sometimes those situations are good to help us remember how it feels to be "scolded" and how there are different ways to do it- kindly or totally exasperated. 

This new year, I am going to keep perspective in mind. I never want to forget that there are different sides to every situation with children and adults.  Everyone has outside issues that affect decisions and moods.

I want to be patient and loving- and remember that if an adult is grumpy or mean, it isn't about me, but about them.  I want to remember that some of my little ones have lots on their minds.

But, knowing myself  like I do (hating when anyone is mad at me or doesn't like me...) I am also going to realize that I'm going to do my best for people, and if that isn't enough, then so be it. 
I am also going to work on better balance for myself this year.  My goal is going to be simple- kind of like a "Daily 5" in school, I am going to try to do 5 positive things for myself each day.  Simple.  Not like climb a mountain or climb anything for that matter.  I am talking about drinking more water, having one more vegetable or fruit, getting on that treadmill, reading my devotional, doing something kind for someone... Simple.

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