Saturday, January 4, 2014

Shake Breaks

I know it will take a while for the kids to get back into the routine after our wonderful break.
There will be wiggles, forgotten rules, - let's face it- forgotten everything. The high temperature on Tuesday is going to be a whopping 5 degrees, so I also know that the kids won't be heading outside to play. SO-  I added some more favorite shake break songs to my Get Up and Move Prezi and wanted to share them with you.  Just click on the picture below to go get yours!

I keep this up in a window on my Smartboard, so I can quickly click over to it and choose a song to get the kids moving during our extra minutes throughout the day. 

Sometimes it helps to take a few minutes to look over the videos on the Prezi so you know what ones are where, and which ones you like best.


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