Friday, February 21, 2014

Five For Friday- February 21

I am linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching, for Five for Friday. 

I love this linky. Thank you, Kacey.  I find myself about Wednesday thinking, "What five things am I going to write about this week?!"  or "Ut oh- have I done five interesting things this week?!"  
This week was a busy one. 


We had a lot of fun with the book Here Comes Jack Frost.  The children liked noticing that the illustrations were only blue and white, and we talked about how they made the story feel "cold." In  the story, Jack Frost tells the boy that he may not mention anything hot, or Jack Frost will go away.  The boy is careful not to mention anything warm, until one day when he finds a snowdrop (one of my favorite flowers by the way) and says, "It's almost spring..."

I had each child tell me something else warm that could have made Jack Frost go away.

Next, we reviewed writing conventions and practiced writing a sentence.  The children had to write "I like to play in the snow." beginning with a capital letter, using spaces between words, rereading to be sure they did not leave out any words, checking for neat letters resting on the line, and ending with a period or exclamation point.

Then, I gave each child a white crayon to draw a snow scene on the paper.  After that, I called groups of six to a table to turn their paper into magic Jack Frost pictures, by painting over the white crayon with blue paint. 

I found this rug at... TARGET Dollar Spot! ($3 Spot, actually- but still... LOOK at it!)  It is perfect for...  oh so many things. It isn't big at all, but called a doormat, which made me laugh a little. Maybe a doormat for leprechauns. That's probably it.  I am going to use my sight word gold for some activities.  This would be a perfect "something" for the leprechauns to leave.  I like when they take over watching the behavior of the kids.  There is quite a lull between Santa and the leprechauns. 


I wrote all about what I do with the gold at my post called  Literacy GOLD!
Holy Cow- I can't believe the icicles I have seen this past week. (That is a doctor's office by me, by the way. I would think someone might knock those things down!)

I need to remember to do my Dragon's Teeth poem later in the year. It would have been perfect this week.  We did revisit the poem, and the kids have been on the look out for dragon's teeth when they are out and about.
We finally had our 100th Day of School! 

It is so late this year! (I am afraid we are going to be feeling like there are 100 Days of June...)  We had so much fun.  Here are some highlights:

We made 100 cups structures.
 We had a fun snack!
 We  shared our collections of 100 things.

 We each brought in 100 of something to eat and made a delicious trail mix!
We wore our 100 day hats.
 We collected the names of friends we have been with for 100 days.
We wrote about what we would do if we had 100 dollars.  (I had about five children say they would save it?!  WHAT?!  I am thinking that was probably easiest to write.  Although, my son was quite a good money saver, so maybe it is for real...)
 We compared what life was like 100 years ago and today.
We did 10 sets of 10 exercises, filled in 100's charts with missing numbers, and  found special numbers on the 100's chart.  I have lots of fun 100 songs and games on my Counting and Cardinality Prezi .  If you would like all of my Common Core Math Prezis, click on the picture below.
My smart board has been down for a week and a half.  BOO.  It's funny how dependent I am on it now- not even for lessons, but for quick activities and brain breaks. 

Here are a few bulletin boards I put up in the hall because I am READY for Spring. 

I also posted LOTS of ideas about clouds this week.  Just click on the picture below if you would like to go to the post.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I don't think I have ever seen icicles like that!

  2. I have icicles like that hanging outside my window at this very moment! I always look forward to your 5 for Friday posts. I'm putting a couple of your ideas right in my plans for next week. Thank you!

  3. My six year old son calls icicles teeth so I will have to share the poem with him. Love your sight word gold!

    Sunflower Inspirations

  4. I need to make some of those golden rocks!! I LOVE that!!

    Terri Izatt

  5. Wow! Those icicles are amazing! Our kids have probably never seen anything like that! Time for rainbows and Leprechaun mischief! Love the rainbows! Happy weekend, Carolyn!

  6. oh my! Those icicles could do some serious damage! We have those outside the classroom sometimes, but not that big! Big enough to make someone knock them off just in case though. I love the rainbow idea - I am SO ready for spring colors, even though it's snowing outside right now!



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