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Five for Friday- Happy Valentine's Day!

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This week, all 3 1/2 days of it, I have very random, sweet moments to share, since it is Valentine's Day.   Here we go with Sweet #1.

Yesterday, we had the fastest Valentine Party on record.  It was sad, though, because Valentine's Day is my favorite party- always. Hands down.  Favorite.  The children are just so precious, carefully opening each card and thanking friends, playing some fun games, and eating a special snack.  It is usually calm, peaceful, easy, and so much fun. 

Well, thanks to Pax, or whatever the storm's name is this time, our school let out early.  We are low on snow days, so we went in and dismissed, basically.  Meanwhile, THE PARTY! That was the only thing on every little mind, as it should be.  Don't you remember reading into every Valentine that said, "Be mine," or "Cute as a button,"  as...  "He loves me and thinks I am beautiful!!!" ? Maybe it was just me.   

As soon as we were told that we were dismissing early, we had exactly 20 minutes to "party" which consisted of  setting up for and eating our special Valentine snack, opening and enjoying  the Valentines, packing up for home, and washing up for lunch.  :(  I felt like I was in fast motion trying to run around and help the children read their cards and make each one special. 

Meanwhile, the snow was coming down hard and steady outside, and everyone was thinking of the hill they needed to drive up to get home.  Well, not everyone. The kids were wondering if they could eat every single piece of candy they found in their Valentine bag. 

We all got home safe and sound.  The children were thrilled with their Valentines, and all is well.

This little "Valentine" made me laugh, because all year, six children have been sitting at each table, except for one table which has five.  So, the kids started calling the spot at that table where nobody sat "Elmer's spot" after we read Elmer the Elephant, and the kids fell in love with him.  Every day during attendance, someone says, "Elmer isn't here," or "Elmer didn't finish his paper," if I accidentally put a paper at that spot. It is funny every. single. time. when you are five.   So, when Leah was handing out her Valentine candy, I found this one:
We taped it up on the wall for him, in case he ever shows up. 

It is really funny, because  last year we got all ready for a new little girl to come to our class, and she never ended up coming. I will call her "Sarah."  So, all year, the kids kept saying "Sarah isn't here," or "Sarah didn't finish..."  just to be funny.  So in the beginning of THIS year, one of my little girls from last year came running into my room and said, "Guess what?! Sarah is finally  here and she is in my class!"  She really, actually was!   If Elmer the Elephant shows up, I will be sure to let you all know.
After we finished reading  Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch (my favorite Valentine story to read), we had a wonderful discussion about what love is- or what the children thought love is.   I printed out the verse from 1 Corinthians 13 (from my favorite book!), and read part of it to introduce some new vocabulary words about love.  We talked about what it meant to be patient, kind, envious, jealous, and forgiving. I shared some mistakes that I have made-which the children LOVED to hear- and how Mr. Kisloski forgives me, and says, "That's ok!" (Like when I backed into the snow bank trying to back out of our driveway, and he had to shovel me out... and he didn't yell, "YOU ARE THE WORST BACKER OUTER EVER!" but he just said, "OK. Maybe you could try to use your mirrors." Aww. I stink at backing up for some reason.) and finally at the end, I said to the children, "Love never gives up."  To which one of my little guys said, "WELLLL... sometimes love gives up."  Oh my gosh- he said it so knowingly.  (His parents are happily married, by the way, so I am wondering where this deep knowledge is coming from.) So then, one of my little girls said, "NO- Love always keeps trying."   It was one of those sweet, precious moments.

It sounds like a wonderful movie line, but I think it comes from this part of our Writing Prezi that I use a lot as a reminder, because I have a couple little ones who are very quick to say, "I can't do this," and try to give up.
There will be no giving up in my room, apparently!

If you would like my Primary Writing Prezi , just click on the picture below.

Morning glory update: 
This was the morning that it was -19 outside.  It feels a tiny bit more like spring in my classroom with these happy little sprouts!

Do you think my mother is loved in my classroom?  She reads with one or two children at a time during our center time, and as my group was busy working, I glanced over and saw this:
He was reading one second, then snuggling right in the next.  
Finally, the artist that we learned about this week was Georges Seurat.
I found these great pictures from Therapy Fun Zone  that worked perfectly for our Seurat paintings to show the children what pointillism is.  You can download the pdf  at the site.


 Our little poem to remember Seurat is, "Seurat, Seurat, he painted with a dot."
  (I know he is French, so it isn't a hard "t"- but I also know that I never forget that he painted with a dot because I remember it this way. )
The children can mix colors or have the dots close to each other, so they see how the primary colors blend to create secondary colors.  

Anyway, as the children were painting I heard, "Seurat, Seurat, he painted with a q-tip."  So...  whatever.   They finally did get it, though, and then did not stop saying it all day long. Now they will remember him!
My Discovering Great Artists Prezi at my TPT store.  Here is the post I wrote all about Great Artists at PreK and K Sharing if you would like to see some other simple artwork to help children learn about great artists. 

Tomorrow we are off to watch my daughter Emily swim in her last college swim competition ever.  Wow- did that time fly!  We need to do some shoveling before then if we think we are going anywhere.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Yes! I believe that your mom is very special guest in your class. Have a great weekend.

  2. That must be fun having your mom come in to read! I bet she loves it! Happy Valentines Day!

    The Land of I Can

  3. Oh look at your mom! That's so very sweet. I'd have loved to invite my mom into the classroom with me. Adorable picture.

  4. My mom used to work in my classroom too. She raised 8 kids and had her "mom" look down! Happy weekend, Carolyn! Sorry your Valentine's Day party was cut short!

  5. We missed Valentine's Parties this week- I have always said that elementary school is the best place to be on Valentine's Day. Oh well, maybe next week. We have been out since Wednesday b/c of this Pax character! My mom volunteers in my classroom, too. It is so great!


    Always Adapting


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