Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Easter Fun!

We have been having lots of Easter fun in our class.  I wanted to share a few quick favorites from our week so far!

Our morning work this morning was coloring this picture and writing a letter to the Easter bunny.  The children could ask him questions or tell him about themselves.  I had them leave the papers at their seats. After specials, they came back to a special "bunny tail" on their papers!

After they ate the tail, I glued on a cottonball.
I found this sweet paper here from Cupcake Project .  You can download the black and white coloring sheet there.

You could use a marshmallow or white cheddar cheese ball.  I just thought a donut hole would be fun for today.

Why do I love this picture?  My son thinks it is odd that I do- but I just think it is precious.  It seemed like the perfect picture for this post. I really do love it.   So there you go.

Good Job Jelly Bean is one of my favorite Easter stories!  Jelly Bean doesn't like his name.  His mother Rosie, the Easter Bunny, tells Jelly Bean that he can choose a grown-up name if he can finish her deliveries for her. At the end, Jelly Bean discovers that his name is just right for him when his mother has a bathtub full of jelly beans ready for him to get into!

This is a great story for retelling, because as Jelly Bean makes deliveries, he thinks of different names he may like.

After we read the story, the children had so much fun drawing and writing about what they would like filling up their bathtubs.

Legos!  (ouch!)

Of course you have to do some jellybean sorting and graphing after that!
 Wild About Teaching has this great activity here! 

Jellybean Sorting & GraphingJellybean Sorting & GraphingJellybean Sorting & Graphing

I love these Jumpin' Jellybeans Ten Frames by Debra Biggane.  

Jumpin' Jellybeans Ten Frame WorkmatsJumpin' Jellybeans Ten Frame WorkmatsJumpin' Jellybeans Ten Frame Workmats

This is a cute emergent reader that works on reading color words called Who's Jellybeans? by Bee. 

Who's Jellybeans?Who's Jellybeans?Who's Jellybeans?

Our next fun activity was making these bunny necklaces!  I found this darling pattern at Krokotak.  I decided to have the children make the bunnies and turn them into necklaces.  They were a huge hit. I just printed out the bunnies on white paper.  The children cut the strips, glued them into circles, then together.  They added the pink ears, face, stick on eyes, and a string for the necklace!  They glued  little cotton balls on back for the tails (which you can't see).  There is a sweet little chick and bird, too.  You can download the patterns HERE.

Finally, the children made bunny ear hats.  After they  made the hats, I took each child's picture.  As I was taking pictures, they were writing a story about what they would do if they were the Easter bunny.  

I tried to put a background on the Smartboard to use as the background for my picture.  It "sort of " worked.  I just loved this face.  :)
 Have a happy week!

easter bunny


  1. I love the bunny tails! And that bunny picture is adorable. He looks so relaxed! Your kiddos' writing is precious too! I would take a tub full of cute, cuddly kittens!! :)

    Have a happy week!

  2. I sort of loved the tub full of kittens, too! :) Thanks for writing, Sarah!


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