Friday, April 18, 2014

Five for Friday- Good Friday Edition!

I am linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday! Thank you, Kacey! I just finished a wonderful week off from school doing lots of things and nothing with my family.  It was wonderful!

Here are my five favorites of the week...

This week I posted about teaching and using  The Chunky Monkey Reading Strategy.

My kids have a ball with it- and doing lots of hands on activities to learn and remember chunky monkey helps a lot.

My Chunky Monkey Prezi is part of my Beginning Reading Prezi at my TPT store. They have lots of videos and links to great online sites and activities.

I also posted about the fun I have teaching the children how to How-To!  How-To books are so much fun to teach, and the children love writing them. 

 I also included LOTS of great TPT freebies that I found to help reinforce sequencing!
I found some other all time favorite How-To books some of my students made.

The first favorite was the one paying homage to the macaroni and cheese color crayon- the crown jewel of the 64 color crayon box with my class:

 I loved how he made the "black stove color" as he called it!

This one was my guide to dressing like a Princess. (Or how to "jes up like a pinsus!" )   

 (I love her hangers!)
After cleaning my closet, I am going to take a harder look at her advice in this book. I think my problem is that I often forget that very important third step - to "git" my crown.  That must be my problem...

I am so excited because our Family Reading Partnership is hosting Dr. Jean on April 26th for our Annual Kids' Bookfest.  She is going to do a program for our Pre-K and K teachers Friday afternoon, and I even get to go out to dinner with her Friday night!  I can't wait!  My job today is to put stickers on all of these books and cds that we got to send home with every Kindergarten and Pre-K student in our school. Here's one box...

 Emily and I are going to have a Will and Grace marathon and stick on stickers.  (She doesn't know it yet...)

This was a CRAZY weather week here.  People didn't know whether to shovel or mow!
It was almost 80 on Monday.  Jeff got a sunburn on his neck from being outside.  But don't worry- he could cover it up with a winter scarf on Wednesday because it was so freezing cold and snowing!  It's sort of fun to keep us on our toes like that. Today is beautiful and will be almost 60.  I'll take it.

Finally, I had a fun family week. I got to see all the kids a lot which I LOVED.  We watched my daughter's dog in the beginning of the week.  
He must have his tummy rubbed at all times, or he gently guides your hand back to remind you to keep rubbing. 

Emily and I broke out the T25 and made ourselves endure  had fun working out with that. I grew to love Tonya, the girl who does the modified workout, with all my heart.  I found myself saying, "What's Tonya doing?" a lot after Shaun T gave his orders... 
Anyway, it does me a lot more good when it is actually IN the dvd player being used then when it is in the box. Hmmm. 

And finally, these are some of my FAVORITE, FAVORITE Easter songs.  <3  I just love them.  

Nicole Nordman's Why

Newsong's Arise My Love

Have a beautiful, wonderful, happy, healthy Easter!  


  1. I have so many comments to make!
    1. I love your chunky monkey ideas. We've been talking about that strategy A LOT this week, but we still need some work...
    2. You get to meet Dr. Jean!?!?! That's awesome!!
    3. "Why" is my all time favorite Easter song! I tear up a little when I listen to it. Not many people have heard of it, which is a total shame. I hope you have a really nice Easter weekend!

  2. Busy, busy lady!
    Love the princess writing. So cute and great drawing.
    Wow about Dr. Jean! I'm sure she will be very inspiring.
    Hope you had a great Easter.
    School Is a Happy Place


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