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Five for Friday October 10

Happy Friday! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. Thank you for hosting, Kacey!
Rocking Dan Teaching Man has a great video about being a good friend. He has lots of great videos on his Youtube channel!  We talked a lot about being good friends in class this week (every week...). My kids are such a great little bunch together, and I want to keep that up. I try to notice everything good and PRAISE IT UP!  Of course they have moments, and I have a few who forget- but that's what these great songs and what our character education moments are all about.  Dan's song is so great because we can talk about the vocabulary in it, and I can use it as a reminder later in the day-  "Remember when we sang about..."   Also, it's got a great rhythm for the kids.
I also found these videos that I'm going to use next week!
My kids are going to love this What Do The Letters Say song from Have Fun Teaching.
Have Fun Teaching also shared this great Sight Word Songs video on Youtube.  I am going to play it in the background during free choice time.  Hopefully, the kids will learn those words and maybe not even realize it as they're  singing along.
For letter Cc this week, we made our Cat Cookies.  I posted about those here with LOTS of other cat  and "at" freebies!

These cookies would also be fun for Halloween. They're so easy and fun to make!

I always make a poster for the room. The kids love looking at it.

Here is a copy of the "recipe" if you'd like it. (Just click the picture.) I send it home with the child's picture stapled to it.
I posted at Pre-K and K Sharing about some of my favorite Dollar Tree finds and how I like to use them in my classroom. You can go see how I spend my dollars...

One of my favorite finds was all of the camo things they had.  I made a  Camo Write the Room. I am going to put the camo sightwords all over the room and use this as one of my centers. The children can wear their vest and helmet, and use the binoculars to find the words.  I also bought a camo tablecloth (for $. 97 at Walmart).  I was thinking I may put that up on a wall and put the sight words on that another time just to switch it up.   If you would like a copy of the recording sheets, just click on the picture below. 


If you would like a copy of the camo sight words, click this picture below. I just printed them and cut them apart to put up around the room.

I also made this mat on a piece of cardboard. I know- can you believe the detail?!  I wrote sight words on the bottom of some army guys, and the children can match the army guys to their spots on the map, then record the words on their paper.  

You can also find camo pencils that would be so much fun to use for these centers. 

These great dinosaurs would also work well on my mat (since it is so simple  versitile...). You could write sight words or letters on these guys!
Another fun activity we did this week was our Block City Classroom Book.  I posted about that here.
The children built with blocks in pairs. I took pictures and made writing papers for the children. We turned and talked about our creations. Then, the children wrote about what they made.
I love this activity because it takes away the illustrating this time and lets the children really focus on writing words (not hiding behind drawing). I know the drawing is important, but I do have some who will draw until the day is done to avoid trying to put some letters on that paper.

Their buildings are also fun to write about because it is something they made and know about. It was fun to listen to the turn and talk and the questions the children were asking each other about why they built it, what it was for, and if it fell over.  Finally, the children felt successful whether they wrote a few letters, or a page of words.

"I built with people and built gates on the side."

 "It was hard.  It was not balanced. It was tricky."

 I was SO PROUD of him for hearing  the beginning sounds of "I made a truck."I helped him form the 'm' and 't,' and we reread what he wrote. You should have seen him beaming!
I love to use Library Mouse to introduce Writer's Workshop, when the children really start writing their own books.  
After we read the book, I take this box around as the children sit in a circle, so they can look at the "author" in the mirror. I just cut a hole in the middle of a shoebox, covered with contact paper, and put a mirror on the inside.  
Instead of leaving the box out all year, I put this mirror on my white board by the writing table, to save room on the table.  It's fun to send someone back to check the mirror, if they're having a hard time writing.

Finally, I was so proud of my Shape Town for helping the kids learn their shapes. They have been bringing in all sorts of things from home, sorting them, talking about shapes- just like I hoped.  Until Monday morning when one mother came in and said her child was SO sad because he forgot to bring something for "Garbage Town."  GARBAGE TOWN?!   OK- I do see quite a few toilet paper "cylinders" in there, but it's sort of the epitome of "One person"s trash is another person's treasure." I'm thinking it's a sickness kindergarten teacher thing, the way I look at everything and see a different way to use it.

If you would like to make your very own Garbage Town Shape Town, you can get the parent note and poster if you click the picture below.
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  1. Hi Carolyn! Love the letter sound video... hadn't seen that one before. And the Meet the Author mirror, too. Great! I'm working on a post... well, maybe. See you around :) Kathleen
    Kidpeople Classroom

  2. I LOVE Have Fun Teaching videos and cannot wait to check out Rocking Dan! Thanks for the tip!!!
    Mrs. Spriggs’ Kindergarten Pond

  3. Love the Meet the Author mirror! Next week is "at" week and I'm so excited to use your ideas! Have a beautiful fall weekend, sweet Carolyn!

  4. I am sure the kids had fun with Shape Town and your sight word map. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing them.
    Grade School Giggles


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