Thursday, October 16, 2014

Halloween Poem FREEBIES!

Today I wanted to share one of our favorite Halloween poems with you, that I turned into a little book for the children to make.  

This is Jack-O-Happy.
This is Jack-O-Sad.
This is Jack-O-Sleepy.
But Jack-All-Broken in pieces small,
And baked in a pie is best of all.
Yum! Yum!

I used to make this poem on a one sheet poster.  I printed the four pumpkins and pie shape on orange paper.  The children drew on each expression that matched the poem, then cut out the pumpkins and the pie.  Then, they cut a few scraps to make the pieces of pumpkin.  Finally, they glued the faces onto the right spot on the paper.  This is a great activity to practice drawing emotions, cutting, and acting out emotions when we perform the poem.  

HERE is a copy of the one sheet paper activity if you'd like it. 

I enlarged the paper to 11X14 when I printed it. The download has the poem and pictures all together on one sheet, and other sheets have only the poem on one page and the pumpkins on the other, in case you wanted to print that on orange paper, or if you want the children to draw all the illustrations! 

I also made it into a little book.  Just click HERE if you would like a copy of the book.  Here are the pages. Just copy them one sided to two sided, and then fold it in half and staple it together.

Here are my little sweeties performing for you!

And here's a bonus poem that we also love:
I planted a seed, and a pumpkin grew.
And grew, and grew, and GREW!
I carved two eyes, a nose, a mouth,
And now it's scaring you...

When I want the class to quiet down, we do the poem with only motions and no words.  They love that, too.  I love when they scare me with no words.  Their little hands go crazy!  Sometimes, we can't resist the "BOO," so we do all motions except for that, "BOO."  Believe it or not, it still quiets the kids down!

Have a happy night!  


  1. Oh my goodness, I love the performance!!!!!! What a bunch of little cuties!!!!! :) Thanks for sharing your adorable book! :)

  2. Made my day! sooo cute! You must read my mind! We're doing the Jack O Happy poem next week. Thank you! :)

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