Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Humbug Witch and Big Green Monster!

We had a lot of fun reading Humbug Witch by Lorna Balian.

I'm linking up with Mrs. Jump's Class for Book Talk Tuesday. Thank you for hosting, Deanna! I always love seeing great book ideas.

Humbug Witch  has been around for a while, but  it's still available at Amazon. It is a sweet story about a little witch who doesn't have any luck with things witches are supposed to be able to do. The books is fabulous for descriptions.  It would be an awesome study for adjectives.  Here are some sample pages to show you:

 Finally, she gives up, and takes everything off, one thing at a time...

The first few pages of this book would be wonderful to read to the children, without having them see the pictures, having them listen and illustrate using the descriptive words from the text.  This is a great introduction for children to realize that they can picture illustrations in their own minds, without seeing pictures, just by using descriptive words that are written in the book.  

Go Away Big Green Monster is another book that lends itself very well to this.  I read this book one time without the children seeing the pictures and have them illustrate their big, green monster using the descriptive words I read.  Then, I read the story (usually over and over and over) on the rug so they can see the pictures. Finally, the children share and show the monster they drew. The great thing about this share is that there is always at least one fabulous part of each drawing- the big yellow eyes or the long bluish, greenish nose... It's a great way to have the children start noticing good things about each other's work.

Here is an animated version from Youtube:

Here is a little freebie if you'd like to do your own listening activity with these books. Just click the picture below to get a copy of the paper.

Have fun! Thanks for stopping by!

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