Friday, June 28, 2013

Five for Friday-and Bloglovin' Giveaway!

Today I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.
I decided against five pictures of naps, although I have taken a wonderful nap or two since school ended.  I LOVE naps- with my soft blanket.  Perfect.

Here are my five favorites for the week!

1.  I found these cute French fry containers at... yes...  Target Dollar Spot.  :) Surprise!  Of course I bought them and knew I would figure out their destiny at a later date.  When I taught in the late 80's I had all sorts of Math Their Way workjobs- and I remember using these then.  I had numbers on the French fry containers and yellow sponges cut for the fries. The children had to put the correct number of fries in the container. 
For these containers, I decided to make a sight word independent center.

 I put Velcro on the container (so I can change the words) and attached a sight word. I put the letters to spell the word into the container on colored popsickle sticks.  I also made letters on sponges, but I think I like the sticks better for this lesson.  I will save the sponges for the number center.  I could attach magnets to the back of the popsickle sticks and the French fry container, and the children can do the center on the magnetic board.  They LOVE magnetic things for some reason. :)  I will have them write the words on a recording sheet. (Probably with a red marker for catsup!)
The magnets did not stick to the sponge pieces, by the way.  Not really a surprise I guess, I just had to try. 

 I am going to stop at McDonalds later and try to get some of their little containers of fries for the Kid's Meals and make some more.  Have you seen these? 
They are tiny.   They are probably great for - kids-  (duh) but one day in a weak moment I wanted a McDonald's cheeseburger because I hadn't had one in FOREVER and thought I remembered them making me happy.  (Not quite as much as I remembered, by the way).  SO- I ordered me up a Kid's Meal.  The fries container  held about 4 fries.  It made me chuckle.  Good for them, I guess- but since I was already making a pretty bad choice, I could have gone for some more fries to finish that bad choice off on a salty note.   The good news is, I thought, "Hey, this little container will be great for school!" 

2.  I was cleaning out and found these two "How To" books.  They were some of my favorites.  I love our "How To" book unit. 

The first favorite was the one paying homage to the macaroni and cheese color crayon- the crown jewel of the 64 color crayon box with my class:

 (I loved how he made the "black stove color" as he called it!:)
 This one was my guide to dressing like a Princess. (Or how to "jes up like a pinsus!" )   After cleaning my closet yesterday, I am going to take a harder look at her advice in this book. I think my problem is that I often forget that very important third step - to "git" my crown.  That must be my problem...

 (I love her hangers!)

3.  My friends Amy and Holly and I went to NYC on a bus trip!
We had a ball!  We teach Kindergarten together and have looked forward to this trip many times since we booked it.  :) Any hard day we would just say, "JUNE 26th!"
We had so many laughs and a perfect day.  We saw Adam Devine (from Pitch Perfect) in Starbucks and he was so nice.  Otherwise, we just walked and walked and loved to see the different people.

4. I cleaned out my closet and donated clothes!  OK- I wasn't really in the mood to do this yet, but when I was in NYC- my closet bar broke off the wall, and all my clothes fell down. Or maybe my husband wanted me to clean out my closet. :) Either way that was my sign.  It feels great to have that done.  I was even in the mood to get rid of things. Sometimes I am in the "I may wear that once again some day in the future" mood and nothing gets done.  I had some old clothes... 

5.  Ahhh.  My swing and some iced tea.  Perfect.

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