Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Testing :( and a Freebie :)

This week is HUGE in our town. It is our Apalachin Fireman Field Days! Last year was the first year in a long time that they were cancelled, because the grounds  had been flooded from Hurricane Lee. SO- this year, they are back- and the kids are excited!

This is SO exciting if you are 5 or 6- and NOT SO exciting if you are a Kindergarten teacher giving end of the year SLO tests on these very days...  (not my idea, by the way, but they forgot to ask me- haha.)    The kids will go to Free Wednesday Night- All You Can Ride- and come in Thursday for a math test. Perfect! :)   Oh well-  What will they remember?  NOT the test they took on Thursday morning- but the fun they had Wednesday night- so GO FOR IT, KIDS!

Early on in the year, I had the children practice answering some quesitons to get ready for the test. I was just trying to get them to choose one answer and circle it.  This was one answer that struck fear into me...

The "Optimistic Me" says it was a success- because he didn't circle the entire paper- only one answer like I asked!
 Do you agree?  a. yes  b. no  c. dog.  

Anyway, we are as ready as we will be, and answers have gotten better. I have my magic pencils all set to go!

These pencils are only brought out for times that require some extra magic! I tell the children that these are grown up pencils, and that they can only be used to write as neatly as they can and to do the very best that they can.  The kids all know these are my favorite pencils to use- and I am very serious about them being SO SPECIAL! (Not to undervalue my love of Ticonderoga pencils, which sharpen like a dream- Yes, they are the World's Best Pencil!)

Side note story:  One time my own kids' swim coach was having some parents shop for things before we hosted a meet. One thing on the list was Ticonderoga pencils.  Other parents laughed that he would request a specific brand. I TOTALLY got it and he has always been one of my favorites since then. :)

Back to my original post- I have my pencils and my mints ready to go.  I know mints are supposed to unlock all sorts of super powers and wake up little brains before a test, so bring it on, mints! :) Whatever makes it FUN!

After our tests, we will be doing LOTS of things to get our wiggles out. This week, my Get Up and Move Prezi is a freebie at my TPT Store- for all of you who are still in school, or if you just want to get it to use for next year!

I put together all of my favorite Youtube songs to use with the children for brain breaks and shake breaks.  Enjoy! If you have fun with it, I'd love you to leave me feedback at TPT. :) 

And don't forget to link up with my Favorite School Stories Linky Party.  Share  your favorite funny school stories! I think I just needed some laughs to get me through until June 21st. :) 
Here is one thing that makes me laugh every time someone wears it for an art shirt:

Have a great week and thanks for visiting!


  1. Carolyn - that multiple choice test picture made me laugh out loud. And you're right on - most times kids just circle random things or the whole page and then draw a little picture for me.
    I thought I was the only one who hoarded those kind of pencils? They're the best by far.
    Great post!
    Whimsy Workshop 

    1. Thank you, Susanna! :) I know- I kind of loved that multiple choice picture- once I got over being horrified! :)


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