Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hands Free Mama

I really love the blog Hands Free Mama .

 I knew I enjoyed reading Rachel's blog, but lately, as I am seeing more and more precious children out for summer vacation, wanting so much to be noticed by parents who are so caught up with their cell phones that they don't even notice the precious faces and precious moments they are missing right in front of them,  I love her even more.

 The other day in a restaurant, I saw a mother come in with three beautiful children.  The oldest were maybe 3 and 5, and the baby was in a car seat.  The little boy and girl sat in their chairs so sweetly as their mother barely looked up from her phone once.  I was heartbroken for what she doesn't even know she is missing.  It took me back to so many sweet memories with my children, who are now  almost 23, 21, and 19. The most special memories that I always go back to are not the thousand dollar trips and well-planned, perfect, video-taped  holidays.  My most precious memories are the moments.  The silly conversations over a Frosty or the unexpected giggles over one silly thing one of my children and I both noticed, shared, and will have for the rest of our lives as a "remember when" moment. 

I am thankful for my cell phone. I appreciate the safety it provides and the comfort of knowing I my friends and family are only a click away.  But I am really not sad that I didn't have one when my children grew up. It is robbing so many people of the joys and the life right in front of them, if they would only look away from the screen and notice. 

I applaud Rachel so much for her commitment making memories, not "to-do" lists, as she says, about "letting go to grasp what really matters. "

Sometimes, people are so afraid that they are missing the big stuff , that the small stuff is passing right by. Unfortunately, the 'small stuff' grows up way too quickly. 



  1. Oh, so true. With my daughter just graduating from HS, I feel like our summer together is galloping by very quickly. I've enjoyed looking at photo albums of her when she was younger, and all the ordinary things we did.
    I wish there was some way to gently tell parents what you've said in this post! Sara

    1. Sara, I know exactly what you mean. I wish I had videotaped more "normal" moments- just everyday moments. I remember being in a store once with my daughter when she was two. The checkout lady said, "Before you know it she will be twelve!" Now, she is twenty two- just like that- SO FAST! Thank you so much for writing. Have a wonderful summer with your daughter. :) I know you will!


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